Sampurnanand Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India

Dr. Sampurnanand was very famous and sought after educationist, who used to teach in the Varanasi University. He was full of immense knowledge, his stature in the society was high and his involvement in the freedom fighting is also acknowledged till date. Let’s learn about this personality in more detail. 

Dr. Sampurnanand, from the very childhood was very keen and passionate about learning Sanskrit and astronomy, because he was born in to a Hindu family. But soon he knew that, his destiny is calling him to serve the nation and he indulged himself towards the independence movement. But his education gave him a boost and he started writing for some Hindi daily. And more to it, he used his writing skills to make nation aware about the non cooperation movement.

The first breakthrough of his involvement in the politics was in the year 1922, joining the All-India Congress Committee in 1922. But even after the independence he did not let his vision of serving society go deterred. He contested for the election in 1954, and was elected as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. His tenure of 6 years is highly acclaimed as the period of Sanskrit, Hindi teachings on large scale and accompanied by various cultural transformations also. Looking towards his contribution towards the art and culture, Indian government made him the chairperson of the Varanasi Lalit Kala Akademi in February 1962.

Not over yet, he intentionally resigned from the chief minister post and called for a movement of reviving the conditions that were prevailing inside the jails. His ideas were to make open jails, so that convicts could also get the better treatment. As a result of his hard work, first open jail in Rajasthan came in the year 1962 and it was named after him ‘Sri Sampurnanand Khula Bandi Shivir’.

To pay gratitude and respect towards a person whose work for the society can’t even judged by words, a day marking celebration of his birthday is meant and this is called as the Dr. Sampurnanand Jayanti.

How People Celebrate Dr. Sampurnanand Jayanti?

To celebrate the birthday of visionary cum reform leader, lots of social programs like debates, group discussion are organized. In the institutions where Sanskrit and Hindi are taught, special ceremonies are organized to boost the spread of these two languages in the society.

Also, in the Varanasi University from where he was closely associated, large scale programs like dance etc are also organized. Although this is not a gazetted holiday, but still this does not deter people to celebrate this day. This day marks the rebirth of Indian culture and also for the languages that are eternal part of Indian society.