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Our site does not allow any of its visitor or member to reproduce or copy or even use ideas given in this site to other places without any permission. Person caught doing this heinous act is liable to persecuted under the laws of Cyber crime under the jurisdiction of Indian law and can get behind the bars. Members posting comments, views etc can be only be used here (In our site) and they cannot use this information anywhere else.

Permission of Copying of data can be given in special cases prior to the permission of webmaster and person whosoever doing this thing should comply with the copyrights laws given in this site.

Our site complies with the DMCA rules and follows them strictly. If any person posts something which has been copied from other sites, we are not responsible for that, but we will remove that content after validation of that complain.

All rights are reserved to and webmaster can make changes in these copyrights without any prior notices to its visitor or members.

Term of use

Any member joining this site accepts our copyright laws and terms of use. If any member do not wants to accept these guidelines, is requested not to join this site. Our site does not keep its members in any type of bondage; he or she can leave this site without any problem.

Person joining this site will have to follows these guidelines

  • Member of this site cannot post something which is vulgar, abusive, religious, political, threatening, racist comments etc. If any person is caught posting these types of comments, then that member will lose his or her membership without any notice.
  • Webmaster can use the information of its users to post ads in them and users will not be paid for the money generated from these advertisement expect in special cases.
  • We are not an advertisement agency; all the ads showed in this site are issued by advertisement agencies like Google Adsense etc. We are not responsible for any type of loses occurred to his members while using this site.
  • Posting any image, comment, video which has sexuality filled in it is strictly prohibited.
  • Disturbing any member or using his or her personal information to blackmail or send junk mail is strictly prohibited and can lead to judicial action.
  • If any person is violating national or international laws will be doing this stuff at his or her risk and site is not involved in these processes.
  • Your membership does not make you shareholder or revenue sharer for this site. This membership is just for exchanging your idea with other people and accessing information form this site.
  • Gifts, appraisal etc will be given by webmaster occasionally with his or her own choice.
  • holds all rights to make changes in the information provided by the member, and can use the same for revenue generation and reference purposes.
  • Member using this site should above the 14 years and any person from any nationality can use this site. Third party link to this site have been made for your convenience and we are not responsible for any type of illegal work going on these site. Members purchasing products from the advertisement shown on this site are doing that on their own risk and we are not responsible for any type of conflict occurring between you and the third party. In case of illegal hacking of your account from other person and staling of your information is just matter of your negligence and cyber crim. We are strictly against the hacking but we will do our best to prevent such type of activities occurring in our site.

How to use this site

Members are requested not to share their passwords with other person and if they are doing so, responsibility of any miss happening occurring with their account lies on their own shoulder. You are bound to the law that stealing any data from our site and using it somewhere or vice versa is a punishable offence. Authors can share information of their work to other sites but only for their reference purpose and that data should not published to other sites without any prior permission from the webmaster.

Members can share their views on any popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc as per their choice. Any comments coming on the sharing part, is not responsible at for this and user who is sharing this information will responsible for that. When you post or upload Your Content on the Site, you grant Company (and its licensees, distributors, agents, representatives and other authorized users); the rights a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, and irrevocable right and license to reproduce. There are certain sections in this site that are named as Public forums and any person can participate in this forum and all comments shared by the user are his own.