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Upcoming World Laughter Day is on 04 May 2025 (Sunday)

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Laughter is the best medicine- so they say and some people took it rather seriously. Dr.Madan Kataria founded the worldwide Laughter Yoga Movement in order to create a positive wave of energy globally and to spread a feeling of peace and brotherhood among men.  With this initiative world Laughter day was started celebrating the first Sunday of May every year.

It started with groups of men and women meeting in parks in order to relax and to vent out there day’s pressure and anxiety. With a form of yoga and fun , packed into a single workout . The laughter yoga spread wide and it was accepted and practised by many around different continents. “Happy-Demic” was the name of the first World Laughter day organized outsideIndia in Copenhagen,Denmark at the town hall square where there was a gathering of 10,000 people that became a Guinness book record till date.

It has been scientifically proved that laughter causes different forms of Positive improvements both physically and mentally. Laughter clubs meet up everyday in different places for 30mins to 1 hour to practise these laughter sessions. It is really a different experience to be in the midst of fresh air in parks laughing out all you want and forgetting all your worries for a small fraction of a time. These sessions start off with some warm up breathing exercises, clapping and laughing with some coordinated hand movements.  After The laughter sessions a small picnic or games are organized for every ones entertainment.

The best thing about laughter is that it breaks all barriers and sees no age; everyone is welcome to these clubs. World laughter day is celebrated in around 60 countries and on this day laughter becomes the top priority for everyone leaving behind all the tensions and negative energy behind. With huge gatherings of people laughing together sends out a plethora of positive energy to the world. Any man even passing a group of laughter club members who are engaged with theirexercises also gets smitten with the happiness and joy that each person gives off. The laughter yoga releases certain feel-good hormones ‘neuro-peptides’ which is responsible for us to feel warmth, happiness, comfort, positivity and creativity. It also in turn helps our mind to overcome stress, fear, jealousy etc.

The Usual World Laughter Day celebrations correspond to laughter club rituals where participants along with their friends and family gather at a certain landmark in the city and laugh collectively. After that they read out the prayer written by Dr.Kataria on world peace. After that some celebrations are followed. There are also some tittles given out to the person with the most effortless, natural, elegant and infectious laughter.  This small and simple idea formed by Dr.Kataria does carry a lot of weight in itself,  in a world full of generations of people who have only seen war, corruption and different kinds of extremities these small ventures of happiness brings the peace that is needed in order to make a real difference. So find out the funny bone inside you and start laughing.

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