Guru Amar Das Jayanti

Religion: Sikh
Country: India
Upcoming Guru Amar Das Jayanti is on 05 May 2025 (Monday)

Days Remaining in Guru Amar Das Jayanti 2025

In Sikh religion, there 10 Gurus who are main and they were the one who led the religion and set standards related to this religion. Guru Amar Das was third of the ten Guru and was born on 5th May 1479 near Amritsar. Guru Amar Das father was a well known farmer and his name was Sri Tej Bhan Bhalla and his mother name was Mata Lachmi.

From the very childhood days he was dedicated towards the saint life and used to learn about the religion from those early days only. He got married to Mata Mansa Devi and was having four children. But one very sad day, Guru of Amar Das, Sri Guru Angad Dev Sahib died on 29 March 1552 at age 48. Amar Das was totally shattered on this day and was in a grim situation. Since he was the only person who was competent enough to be the next Guru, he was made the third Guru of the Sikh religion and at that time he was around 72 years old. Since Guru Angad Dev was having his ashram at the place called as ‘town of Goindwal Sahib’ and at this same his Guru used to live . There he used to write the Anand Sahib and also sued to meditate in the mean time.

Guru Amar Das has always been regarded as the true social reformer. He was the one who abolished the practice of Sati system in Sikh religion. Also he told people to avoid any type of caste system and other type of practices being carried out in the society. Meaning of Sati is that, a married woman used to burn herself when his husband dies. So Guru Amar das abolished that practice.

He also encouraged the system of Langar, in which free food was served to people. And this practice has grown over the years and his widely used by the Sikh religion people. Also other religion has also accepted this tradition. And it is considered very good virtue and in the holy books also it is written that giving food to any human being is considered auspicious and good.

How people celebrate Guru Amar Das Jayanti?

The celebrations on this day are huge. Sikh usually takes bath early in the morning and goes to the Gurudwaras for offering their prayers. After the whole ceremony of prayers is over, Prasad is distributed among the people. And taking this Prasad is considered very auspicious. Usually people go in front of the Guru Granth Sahib and touch their forehead on ground in front of this holy book.

People clean the vicinity of the Gurudwaras with the water and help other in carrying these works out. Anybody can contribute towards the food that is being prepared in Gurudwaras and it is considered very auspicious. No matter how much you give, but it is just your faith that is more important in it. People usually give flour, sugar, pulses or even money.

On this day, mass feat in Gurudwaras called as the ‘Langar’ is organized in Gurdwaras and all people are welcomed there to help out. In many places, sharbhat (Sweet and flavored water) is distributed among the people and considered auspicious. The Gurudwaras are decorated with flowers and other decorating material. Songs, religious preaching are chanted during this day and it is a very soothing environment to be in.

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