Sharad Purnima

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Sharad Purnima is on 28 October 2023 (Saturday)

Days Remaining in Sharad Purnima 2023

Sharad Purnima is celebrated on the full moon night in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated in various parts of India in various forms and is known by different names like Kojagari Purnima, Rasa Purnima or Sharath Purnima. This festival is also referred to as Kamundi festival where kamundi means moonlight. The bright light of the full moon marks the end of monsoon and brings with it joy and happiness. This festival heralds the beginning of the winter season and the autumn harvest season.

Sharad Purnima Origin

There is a belief among people in Maharashtra, West Bengal and Orissa that on this day goddess Laxmi visits from house to house asking Ko Jaagriti-means who is awake and bestows her blessings on those who are wake. So people keep a night long vigil to welcome goddess Laxmi. It is believed that whoever worships Goddess Lakshmi on this night and observes a fast is blessed by the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

People observing this fast will avoid solid food. After the fast they eat a mixture of cold milk and rice flakes. This too has scientific significance. During this month the days are warmer and nights are cooler. As result acidity or pitta is a common problem that haunts many. Consumption of the mixture of cold milk and rice flakes is a good remedy to this problem.

Another belief is that on this day Rasa Lila dance was performed by the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna with his intimate Gopis. Thus this day is also called as Raas Lila diwas. So this night is associated with the divine love filled dance of Lord Krishna with Radha and Gopis.

In state of Orissa this day is celebrated as Kumar Purnima since Kumar or Kartikeya the son of Shiva was born on this day. It is believed that Kumar was very handsome and unmarried girls worship Kartikeya on this day to get a husband like him.

Apart from religious significance this day also has medical significance. Since the earth and the moon are at a closer distance on this night the moon rays is believed to have medical and curative properties. It is a belief that the food which is kept under the moonlight and then consumed will nourish the body, mind and soul.

Sharad Purnima Rituals

Various rituals are observed on this night. In many places kheer, poha-Rice flakes or sweets are prepared and kept in moonlight throughout the night and consumed the next day as Prasad. In some places moon is not seen directly but seen on a vessel which is filled with boiling milk. Another popular custom is the threading of the needle under the moonlight. It is believed this will improve one’s eyesight.