Aadi Perukku

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Aadi Perukku is on 03 August 2024 (Saturday)

Days Remaining in Aadi Perukku 2024

Aadi Perukku or Adiperukku is the Monsoon Festival that is celebrated across the state of Tamil Nadu. It marks the beginning of the monsoons after a tormenting summer. The festival is celebrated by all Hindu Tamilians to show respect and gratitude to Mother Nature and her resource water. Mother Nature is worshipped so that peace, harmony and happiness remain intact in the world.

Aadi Perukku Festival : When Aadiperukku will be Celebrated?

The Aadiperukku celebration takes place in the month of Aadi on the 18th day as per the Tamil calendar. The festival falls at the end of July or start of August as per the English calendar. The festival is a way of showing respect towards water and prime role in our life. Tamil people also take this day as an opportunity to thank Mother Cauvery, the river which has helped in sustaining life in Tamil Nadu.

Why it is observed?

There are many legends behind this auspicious festival. The most believed one is about the rising of water levels of river Cauvery and celebration to thank her. The festival is also called Padinettam Perukku as it falls on the 18th of Aadi, Tamil month. Eighteen is signified by Padinettu and Perukku signifies rising which is the river water level rise. The celebration takes place as a water ritual which comprises of prayers, puja, prashad and Mulaipari. Women across Tamil Nadu do the rituals to show gratitude towards Mother Nature and observe the festival in a predominant manner.

In Aadiperukku, women do offerings into the sacred rivers. The offerings comprise of Akshata, Flowers and primarily Rice. A wide range of rice dishes are offered and Goddess Parvati is worshipped during this monsoon festival. It is believed that Parvati Devi meditated for Lord Shiva and pleased by her dedication, he appeared in front of her as Shankanaraya Swami. She was blessed to see the divine vision and hence she is worshipped. Another legend says that Shri Bhooma Devi’s avatar took place in the month of Aadi as well.

How the celebration takes place?

As soon as the festival of Aadiperukku approaches, water is released from all the reservoirs across the state. It ensures that enough water is available in all the lakes and rivers, even if there have not been enough monsoons. Rivers in India are considered as female Goddess and very sacred. Women perform the water rituals at the Ghats along the rivers. Many people take a holy dip in the river to mark the auspicious occasion. Rituals are performed at the river banks as these places are considered as the tract for rice cultivation.

After performing all the rituals, the women sit with her family on the river banks for having the Kalandha Sadham or rice dish. Not just river banks, any water body like well or tank in temples are also worshipped. During the Aadi month, no auspicious function or marriage takes place. The main motto is to worship auspicious Mother Nature and sacred Goddesses so that they provide protection from all evils prevailing in the month.

Special Recipe for Aadiperukku

The special lunch menu for Aadiperukku includes Payasam, Sarakarai or Sweet Pongal coupled with coconut rice, lemon rice, medhuvadai or curd rice.