Agrasen Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India

Maharaja Agrasen is considered as the legendary king of the past India and also the originator of the Agarwal and Agrahari community in India. He was the part of the Solar Dynasty and adopted the Vanika Dharma. He accepted this religion for the benefit of the people. He was having 18 children and this is the reason why Agarwal community has 18 different Gotras and there as follows: Nangal, Singhal, Tayal, Tingle, Garg, Bansal, Bindal, Bhandal, Dharan, Jindal, Kansal, Kuchhal, Madhukul, Airan, Goyal, Goyan, Mangal, Mittal.  He gave his entire kingdom to these 18 children and hence all of these ruled different areas of their kingdom.

One very famous story regarding the King Maharaja Agrasen is that he worshipped lord Vishnu in the city of Kashi. Impressed by his worship lord Vishnu told him to worship Maa Lakshmi and soon his problems will be heard. As stated by lord Vishnu, he worshipped the goddesses Lakshmi and one day she appeared before him. He asked for a boon that could serve his people by becoming a very good trader. Goddesses Lakshmi told him to make a new kingdom and hence origin of his kingdom took place.

So, King Agrasen and his wife roam various places to search for a place where they could make a new kingdom and they stumbled upon a place where tiger cubs were playing among each other. They considered this as good omen and considered that place as Veer Bhoomi and that place was Agroha. In the coming future this place is a holy temple and site for the Agarwal people and here a big temple dedicated to Vaishnav devi and Agrasen is built here.

This place is situated near Hisar in Haryana. It is said that, the way Agarwal used to deal with business problems was really great. And this is the reason why King Akbar had two Agarwal in his group of ministers. One was Todarmal, who introduced the land systems and another one was Madhushai.

How People Celebrated Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti

Mostly people belonging to the community of Agarwal and Agrahari celebrate this Jayanti with great joy, reverence, devotion. A very famous temple near Hisar is a Kuldevi temple for the Agarwal community and they visit every year, on this occasion. Agarwal are famous for their social service and hence they carry out various donation works on this day. A person takes early bath in the morning and tends to move towards the temple to worship Lord Visnu and King Agrasen. Then at various place religious event are organized that are dedicated to the King Agrasen. Also on this day, special feasts are organized by people of this community at large scale.