Gita Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Gita Jayanti is on 11 December 2024 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Gita Jayanti 2024

Gita Jayanti is celebrated to mark the Birthday of ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’. Lord Krishna preaching that were spoken by him are written in it. When the war between, the ‘Kauravas and Pandavas’ was inevitable, Lord Krishna decided to become the Sharthi or chariot of the Arjun. Arjun was among the five brothers, Pandavas. He was extreme talented in the archery and he, and Karan are till now the most talented archers in the Indian History. Karan was the son of the Kunti, he was called as the Surya Putra.

But when Lord Krishan, took Chariot in which Arjun was there and took it for a round, so Arjun could see the armies opposite to him, his heart started to melt. He was seeing his own Guru and brothers, with whom he grew up and from whom he learned so many things. Seeing this that he has to fight against those, he was not able to hold his weapons and his heart started to melt. Tears from his eyes started to come out. Seeing this helplessness of the Arjun, Lord Krishna told him about what is wrong and what is right. He also told him, what is the prerequisite of this time and he should not deter himself from his duties.

So, all the preaching that were by the Lord Krishna to Arjun, are written in the holy book Gita. Now this books act at as the ideal for a human being, and it is said the solution of all problems can be taken from it.

How People Celebrate Gita Jayanti

As ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ is a holy book of the Hindu religion, so throughout the year, chanting of 700 verses of Gita is carried at various places. But on the eve of its Birthday, mass recitation and chanting of Gita book is done. Several people also keep fast on this day and participate in the various programs in which Holy book is read all over the day.

In various places, cultural events are organized all over the places, that depicts the life of lord Krishna and also the play related to Mahabharata are also done.