National Journalism Day

Country: India
Upcoming National Journalism Day is on 17 November 2023 (Friday)

Days Remaining in National Journalism Day 2023

The National Journalism Day in India is also celebrated on 17th November. It is a day to celebrate the freedom of speech, thoughts and virtues as well as the role of media in shaping our society. The National Press Day falls on 16th November and the celebration for the spirit of journalism takes place just after a day.

The National Press Council of India decided to celebrate the Press Day as a symbol of free and unbiased press in the country. In order to honor the journalists who search for the truth and bring it to light acting as a moral police, the next day is celebrated a National Journalism Day. The Press Council is the only body in the world that has authority over the government to control the activities of the media and journalism in India.

The media plays a very important role in spreading harmony, peace and brotherhood amongst the citizens of India. Here, the media acts as a bridge between the government and the citizens. Often the media plays a vital role in influencing the decisions of the citizens as well by bringing all the news from every part of the society. Celebrating the National Journalism Day is a great way to encourage the journalists, their freedom of expression and quest for the truth.

The National Awards for Excellence in Journalism is conducted by the Press Council of India to honour the journalists who performed outstandingly in the past year. All the media houses take part in the event every year. Many other conferences and events are also conducted by different newspaper houses and news channels. The awards are a great way to motivate the journalists to work without any prejudice, inhibitions and without any influence from external powers. Indian Journalism plays a vital role in the social, political and economical aspects of the nation as well as portraying the freedom of expression the country.