Brown Eggs vs White Eggs - Difference Between White Eggs and Brown Eggs

The difference between Brown Eggs and White Eggs

The egg is a contradictory thing from the beginning of civilization. There are a number of myths and facts about egg. Here is another such point of debate; the difference between the white egg and brown egg. Many people prefer eating eggs for intake of necessary nutrients and minerals. People generally prefer eating white eggs. Now, this can be because the availability of white eggs is easier than brown eggs. Some people also give the reference of difference of nutritional value between white and brown eggs, but there is no proven fact about any such difference. How do people decide what to eat? Is there really any difference between brown and white egg? All of this confusion is cleared in below mentioned explanation.

The difference is due to color of chicken

The difference between white and brown egg is just that what colored chicken laid it. A chicken with white feathers and white ear lobes lays white eggs. A chicken with white feathers and red ear lobes lays brown eggs. Except the color of egg all the other characteristics of both are same may it be the amount of nutrients in it or may it be the calorie.

Why do people prefer to eat white eggs?

People like to eat white eggs because it looks neat and nice, as after all the appearance of the food also matters a lot to the eaters. There are also some people who like to eat brown eggs because one can easily remove the shell from the food if it drops in the food by one’s mistake. As the egg part can be easily identified because of the colour difference.

Apart from the source that is chicken, there is no material difference between the white eggs as well as the brown eggs. 

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