Festivals of Haryana

Haryana a state chiseled out of the state of Punjab based on the difference in language. With river Yamuna, flowing through the state and also acting as a border to Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The state has been the basis of civilization and culture. Haryana is known for its amazing culture and the festivals just add up feathers to the hat of happiness. If we are talking about Haryana, it is a state that participates with all its glory in all the festivals our country celebrates.

In this era of stress and monotonous life style, the celebrations and festivals of Haryana act as the change that adds a blanket of warmth, energy, joy and colors to the life of people residing in this state and to those who come for a visit. Celebrations and happiness is a part of life, without these, life has less meaning and this is what acts as fuel to continue with the daily chores. Haryana believes in celebrating life and thus you see the coming together of culture, tradition and joy mingling together to make magic. Some of the most celebrated festivals of this state are Teej, Lohri, Baisakhi and Surajkund Crafts Mela among many more.

Popular Festivals of Haryana


Teej is a festival held in the month of JulyAugust every year that is during the monsoon season. All married women celebrate this festival with all their might in order to pray for a happy and long married life. The festival comes alive with swings hung from trees and is decorated with flowers. People dance and sing to praise goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. Women spend their day beautifully by dancing in the Teej mela (fair) and shop for all types of, beads, bangles, bindi, necklaces and a lot more. Decked up in their best, the women of Haryana wear fine clothes and jewelry and those who are newly married visit their parents home to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. During Teej the state of Haryana is decorated in all its glory and processions comprising camels, horses and elephants decorated add to the amazing view.


Lohri is one of the most popular haryana festival. It celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of the season of fertility. The festival comes during the month of January, just before Makar Sankranti every year. The festival is of primary importance for the Punjabis, but is celebrated in the entire state with equal enthusiasm and joy.

Haryana Day

One of the most exciting haryana festivals, Haryana Day is celebrated on the 1st of September every year. This festival marks the birth of tourism in the state, with the establishment of the Haryana Tourism Corporation on this day. The cycle race that takes place from Chandigarh to Panchkula is one of the most popular events during this festival.

Pinjore Heritage Festival

Pinjore Heritage Festival takes place at the small town Pinjore which has some of the best terraced gardens in the country that belong to the Mughal Era.


Gangore festival is dedicated to the Goddess of Abundance Gauri and is celebrated on Chet Sudi – 3 every year.


Baisakhi is also a famous festival of Haryana celebrated to mark the beginning of the Punjabi New Year. The festival is celebrated during the month of April every year.

Gugga Naumi

Gugga Naumi is a unique festival of the state of Haryana. It is a religious festival associated with the worship of snakes and is observed during the months of August or September.

It does not end here, there are a lot more. Fairs and festivals like the Kartik Fair, Gopal-Mochan Fair, Masani Fair, Surajkund, Basdoda Fair are some of the popular fairs of the state of Haryana.

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