15 August Speech – Independence Day Speech 2022

Following is the format of 15 August speech. You can use it for your Independence day speech preparation.

First of all, I would like to congratulate the entire citizens of India for this day, as this embarks their independence from the rule of British Rule. But journey to this day was not as easy as it appears in my tone. The sweat, hard work and sacrifice that the whole nation went through was the sole reason that led to this day, the day we got the independence. As I am reading this speech, I could sense pride that I have in my body and it is impeccable.

As I am chanting words, I am back thrown to the history when famous people like Bhagat Singh, who kept their nation above their lives, is seriously a matter of nation pride. Continuous rule of Britishers over Indian for more than 200 years left India not mentally but physically disturbed also. People were forced to accept the laws that were not of their origin and they were ill treated in their own country. On the other hand, only poor were not the sufferers, Indian Kings were also greatly affected by the British regime. Forcing Indian farmers to grow crops of the Britishers needs was among the few ill practices that Britishers were carrying out. But that could have tolerated, but their sheer involvement in the social life of Indians and jeopardizing the right of every citizen to pray their gods was not where justified and led to the spark among people was converted to nationwide fire, and that engulfed the whole British Empire.

People like Mahatma Gandhi, guided the whole independence motion through peaceful means to steer the nation out of the British storm and bring this nation as an independent and united nation. As we know that Journey to this point was not at all smooth. Imposing tax on the salt that was freely available in the nature was among some of the cruel deeds that Britishers were accomplishing. The first war for Independence tool place in the year 1857, but that could not convert itself in to the independence. Yet, it had adverse affect on the mentality of the Britishers regarding ruling Indian nation. They knew the end was near. Then, the growing tension among the people for an independent nation and the continuous efforts by people like Bhagat Singh was slowly but steadily moving the entire nations towards the independence.

Finally on the 15 August 1947, Britishers decided to leave India and ‘Bharat’ was all that belonged to its citizen. On this very day, India First Prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addressed the whole nation and his famous speech ‘tryst with destiny’ is still far more appreciable than any other speech till now. In the end as I am finishing my speech, I could sense the pain that our Indian citizen went through to fighting for this united nation, but keeping that intact in present and in future is my responsibility and for all of us too. So here I end my speech with ‘jai Hind’.

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