Affect vs Effect - Difference Between Affect and Effect

The “Effect” of using the word “Affect”

Some people while writing in English are very much confused in using the words effect and affect. Effect and affect both are totally different words with different meanings. Using effect in the place of word affect might convey a different meaning. In the regular writing, affect word is used as a verb and effect word is used as a noun. Several times it happens that affect is used as a noun and effect is used as a verb. This misunderstanding needs to be cleared if one wants to pass the exact meaning of a conversation or a proposal. The literature scholars have several times drew attention of people to the use of both of these words but still there are many people do not understand the difference and allow the miscommunication unknowingly.

For better understanding, let us write a sentence with using effect as a noun and also as a verb

Effect (Verb)

Results in something

Ex: There are ill effects of consuming marijuana

Effect (Noun)


Ex: The experience has had a bad effect on him

There are some other words similar to Effect namely, chain reaction, reflex, response, side effect etc.

Affect (Verb)

Produce an effect on

Ex: He was deeply affected by her rude behavior

Affect (Noun)

It represents as feeling or emotion

Ex: He is affectionate towards her

There are other similar words used for affect namely, change, disturb, modify, move etc.

So it can be concluded from the above explanation that “Affect” and “Effect” can be used both as verb and noun. It is now understood that in both noun and verb form these words convey a different meaning and hence one has to focus while communicating with the help of these words in the routine life as well as special occasions.

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