Rupay Debit Card: Eligibility Criteria, Limit & Benefits

Those who are planning to go for the Rupay Card considering its benefits, but not sure of whether they are eligible for it or not? This piece of information will sort out your dilemma regarding the eligibility for Rupay Debit card. Indian Government has kept the eligibility for the Rupay Debt Card to minimum and simple. This is to make sure that everyone gets this card, and will also help the payment gateway to become a success in the country and outside India as well.

Rupay Debit Card Eligibility Criteria

Let’s see what are the conditions that you need to fulfill in case you are applying for that Rupay card:

An active bank account on the name of applicant.

Citizen of India or those who are living outside India like NRI, NRE etc are eligible for this card. Banks now have integrated their bank account opening form with this card. So, when you are opening a new account, you will have the choice of asking one.

Citizens of India, who are living here needs to have an bank account of any type like Salary Account, Savings Account and Current Account.

If you are not citizen of India, and have come for tourist purposes, then you might not able to get this card. But international students can get Rupay Debit Card after successful account opening in the banks registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

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To get Rupay Debit Card, you need to contact your bank and fill the easy form available there. You will get your card at home after certain days as per the bank policy.

When you will get this card, you need to make one transaction at the ATM, before you can start using the card for the transactions.

Rupay card can be used anywhere in the India for doing payment like petrol pumps, online shopping, restaurant, shopping malls, cinemas. Everywhere you can use it.

Rupay Debit Card Limit

There is a limit of 25000 Rupees to be taken out from this card when using ATM. And a limit of Rs 1.25 Lakh when you are shopping somewhere or when you buying something online.

In case you have some queries related to the card, a toll free number 18002678729 is available all the time, in both English and Hindi language.

Rupay Debit Card Benefits

There are many benefits of rupay debit card and it varies from Bank to bank. So, better to talk to your bank manager regarding the same. Rupay debit card also gets various offers and incentive time to time from government.

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