Notebook vs Laptop - Difference Between Laptop and Notebook

The difference between a laptop and a notebook

In these days, computers have become a must for the people because every bit of information is available on the internet and the use of information is very much requirement nowadays. The success ratio of e-commerce is also increasing and even achieving new heights with every bit of time passing. People like to work from home just by sitting in some comfortable place in one’s house and working on a computer. The people who have an online business or by any means have work related to the internet have to essentially buy a computer as it is the prime requirement for a number of tasks they need to complete. The computer can be a desktop, a laptop or a notebook. People don’t really prefer a desktop nowadays because they want to do work while moving. When people want to buy a computer majority of them are confused about whether to buy a laptop or a notebook? Majority of them do not know the difference between both of them. Below mentioned information will help people to choose the right gadget according to their demand.

What are laptops and notebooks?

A laptop and a notebook both are computers, both can do every type of work that one does on a desktop. Generally, both of them have the same functionality as said by other people. A notebook can be referred as an extremely thin laptop. A notebook weighs less as compared to laptop and also is highly efficient with reference to battery life. A notebook does not have a drive slot, one can view every document on the internal (usually referred as flash memory) memory of a notebook. If a person wants his machine to read some external data, then there is a provision of USB ports and SD card readers in the notebook. A notebook has a smaller display as compared to notebook with less display area, it requires less luminosity so it is battery efficient.  A notebook has features of wireless communication like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, well nowadays majority laptops have both those features.

A laptop on the other hand has a bigger display, has a graphics resolution component, a hard drive with more storage space and disc drive. A laptop is of heavy weight due to all above mentioned components. As all the components are, provided they do require more power so laptop consumes more battery.

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