Plasma vs LCD - Difference Between LCD and Plasma

The difference between Plasma and LCD

There are a number of mediums of entertainments in the world of technology, but the television has been more popular than any other medium.  The technology has advanced a lot these days and that can be seen from the things around us. Previously we had Cathode-Ray Tube type of television which was much bulky and had a gigantic look. With the advancement of technology, there has been a lot of betterments in television. These days we have Plasma and LCD type of television in the market. When the customers go to buy the television they are always confused in what type of TV to buy whether plasma or LCD? There are some details mentioned below which can help people in distinguishing both technologies and buy the best from both.

Structural difference between Plasma and LCD

The display of plasma TV has two glass panels pressed against each other with tiny cells in between. The tiny cells are filled with noble gases, the noble gases are turned into plasma electrically. Upon the excitation the plasma emits red, blue and green lights. The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is manufactured by pressing two glass frames against each other. These glasses constitute small sized pixels, these pixels are filled with liquid crystals through which the picture passes and hence the viewer can have much better view that can enhance the viewing experience.

How does the display differ?

The basic difference in the displays of LCD and Plasma is the refresh rate. The display of LCD refreshes slowly, due to the slow refresh rate multiple images of the same kind is seen on display. For an instance we can say that enabling visibility of pointer tails on a computer is seen by user just like that same image is seen multiple times. Now companies manufacture LCD TV’s with a higher refresh rate and so a user can see a better image. LCD Displays are light in weight in comparison with plasma display. An LCD display consumes less power so it is energy efficient.

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