Hardware vs Software - Difference between Hardware and Software

In the modern world, the words hardware and software directly makes the human mind think about computer. Hardware and software are the two key components in the making of a computer. As a body is to human, hardware is to computer and as the heart is to the human body, software is to a computer. Without software a computer is nothing but a mechanically molded structure. Hence perfect functioning of a computer, perfect hardware and software both are equally important.

What does hardware and software comprise of?

Hardware relates anything which is touchable like a monitor (nowadays LED panels), keyboard, central processing unit (CPU), printer, pen drives, USB ports, hard disks etc.

Software cannot be physically touched, but they can be manipulated by entering commands and instructions. For example, an operating system, a web browser, an antivirus, an application, etc. Software is responsible for proper functioning of the hardware. Software deals with the memory provided in the system. The hardware has no connection to memory limits. Every software is of some specific size in KB, MB or GB. Software requires a memory chip to store all its data. The software is an important part that only experts can deal with, while the hardware is comparable to software is to go for repairs by a technical person.

Categories of Software

Software is categorized according to their use. Basically, there are two types of software: Application Software and System Software. Though there are endless software available in the market for different use.

Application Software

These types of software are installed according to liking and need of the user. There are many types of application software which include gaming software, music software, photography software, processing software etc.

System Software

The system software are the base platform for every application software to run. The system software is necessary to for the system to boot up. System software is referred as operating system by professionals related to computer fields.

Some computers are manufactured by the manufacturer with the compatibility with third party software while some manufacturers provide everything in the computer itself so the user doesn’t need third party software. These precautions are taken for the reason that machine doesn’t become vulnerable to any threat.

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