How to Download Application Form for PAN Card?

If you are the citizen of any country then you should have the correct documents to support your statement. There are many different kinds of documents that can be used to verify that you are the citizen of the respective country. In India, Identity cards like the voter ID card, ration card, driving licence etc. Apart from all of these the most significant card that is literally considered to be of the highest order is the Permanent Account Number or better known as the PAN card. The Pan card number is a completely distinct combination of numbers and alphabets that can be used to identify any individual perfectly. The Pan Card is issued by the Indian Government’s Income Tax Department. The Pan Card number literally fuses all the financial transactions done by the individual and in this way keeping a strong authority over the individual. This Number given by the IT department is national, permanent and completely unique.

If you are a citizen of India and planning to apply for your PAN card then the good news is that you can do it online now. All you have to do is keep your address proof and age proof and some work related documents in order and then just you have to download the form. Check out this link and download the form. After you download the form, give in all the details required. There is a section called the Assertion Officer (AO), which you may leave empty. Rest of the form is required to be filled up completely. You have to submit some documents for proofing so read the form thoroughly and get your documents in order. You also need to have 2 stamp-sized photos ready to be pasted on the form. After you’re done with the form, send it to the given address and you will get acknowledgement number after sending the form.

You can check the status of your PAN card online as well. In most cases the PAN card is sent to the receiving adders mentioned within 14 days.

If you find that there is any kind of misprint on your PAN card then you can find a form online too for re-checking of the PAN card for corrections. Mention PAN card details and mention other details including the kind of problem or misprint you have with your PAN card. Go directly to this link and download the correction form.

The faster you get this done with, the better. Getting the PAN card application form online is an easy process and thanks to such simple systems, you don’t have to stand in a line for hours and fill or submit, or collect your form anymore.

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