What is the PAN Card Number?

The Pan Card is one of the most important documents that required by the any Indian citizen to prove his or her identity. There are many other documents that can be used to prove the identity of the individual but if we speak of precedence than we will find that the Pan Card finds itself at the top along with the cards like voter’s identity card, driver’s license, birth certificate, ration card, etc. This card is issued directly by the Income Tax department of the Government of India. The Card provides unique and authentic identification of the card holder. It is similar to SSN (Social Security Number) that’s issued to US citizens by IRS. It’s to be mentioned that many NRIs are of the misconception that they won’t be needed to apply for a PAN card but in reality the NRIs are not exceptions to this card and they too have to get a Pan Card much like all the adult Indian citizens staying in the country.

Pan Card is a must have document for all individuals who are into the act of financial transactions that has some amount of Tax levied on it! The second group are the ones who are going to enter the field of occupation that will make them eligible for the first condition. The majority of individuals who fall under this category are Students. The Income Tax Department of India will provide the people with a Pan Card who belongs to either of the two categories with a distinct code for every Pan Card holder. This number given to them will be a key to a unique identity and records that are being held by the Card holder in the database of the Government of India. 

How does the Pan Card Number Look Like?

Well, the Pan card number is basically a ten digit alphanumeric code such as ALGPC7076F and is embossed in black over the card, at the left lower part of the card body. Above it you will find “Permanent Account Number” embossed on the card in blue. The very card is somewhat like your driving license and comes with the same size. The necessary details comprised in your card are the holder’s name, his father’s name, date of birth, a colored photo, date of issuance and the bearer’s signature. Apart from this, the PAN Card comes with Indian government’s hologram.

This unique combination of code gives the Pan Card holder a complete distinct identity than others.

Details of the Number Printed on Your PAN Card

  • The PAN is the unique number, which is different for each individual
  • This is an alphanumeric code
  • The PAN card number has a unique code, which has a structure as such- AAAAA9999A. As it is seen, the first 5 characters are letters the next 4 are numbers and the last character is again a letter.
  • The first 5 characters are made according to a pattern. The first 3 charterers of the letters are alphabets made of combinations from A to Z. The fourth letter represents the kind of holder- C (company), HUF (Hindu undivided family), F(firm), P(person),  B(body of individuals or BOI), T(trust, AOP), L(local authority), A(associations of persons, or AOP), G(government) and J (artificial judicial person). The 5th character will be the representation of the surname of the individual.
  • Then comes 4 numbers (0-9)
  • The final character is an alphabet again.

Why Do You Need PAN Card

  • PAN card has become almost mandatory for monetary transactions.
  • It’s required for making bank accounts
  • It’s required for sales and purchase of goods exceeding the standard limit
  • It’s also required for collection of professional fees or taxable salary
  • If you want your PAN card, go online, download Application Form, fill in the details and send it for approval.

What is the Significance of PAN Card Number?

You must know that the PAN number is required to carry out all the major activities in the Indian Territory. First of all, your PAN card plays a vital role in any kind of financial deals or transactions you make within the country. This includes opening your bank account, accepting the fees and your salary and many more. Moreover, you would be asked for PAN number if you are on your way to buy or sell assets. The actual motive behind PAN card is to place globe wide identification transactions & which could indirectly forbid the tax evasion through maintaining the financial record or data of the worthy paid citizens.

In simple words, the PAN number will be your most helpful aid whenever you are asked for your national identity proof. Thus, whether you are about to apply for a new cell connection or would be hitting a cyber café for internet surfing, don’t forget to carry your Pan Card Number with you.  It should be mentioned further that PAN number is an identified and unequal number which will vary in context to address change with reference to the states.

Every PAN card bearer should note down the PAN card details in a safe place and don’t forget to keep a photocopy of your PAN card with you which might help in case the card gets misplaced somehow. You must know that in case you somehow lose your PAN CARD, you would be asked for your PAN number while filing the application of a duplicate copy. In this case the photocopy would be of good assistance.

But what if you don’t have the photocopy and you don’t remember the PAN number even?

Well, nothing to worry about, as there is a number of ways to track down your PAN card. First of all, you can go to this link to check out your PAN number. However, the link would ask for your first name, middle name, surname as well as birth date too which must be filled as per the details you submitted for the original PAN card.

Then the most effective way here is to check your IT returns which are already filed. The other possible way is to track from your credit card, Demat or bank account Another point is to check from covering letter which came with your PAN card. Lastly, you have the counterfoil number of your PAN application that you obtained during PAN application. If your slip contains a 15 digit acknowledgement number it’s the NSDL application and in case it’s a 9 digit code, it’s the UTIISL application. Now go to their respective websites – NSDL and UTIISL to check your Pan Card Number.

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