Steps for Pan Card Correction on Online official Portal

The PAN card is a unique identity proof, which the Income Tax Department of India issues under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT. The PAN card is required for several purposes other than just identity proof. The PAN card is now necessary for making back accounts for sales and purchases of bulk goods and items, which exceed the prescribed limit, and also it’s required for various monetary transactions like collection of professional fees or taxable salary income.

Getting your PAN card

You can apply for your PAN card online. Find the online application form (which will be available in PDF format once you click on the link) and then download it from there. Once you download the form, fill it in with the necessary pan card details and send it to the given address.

Processing of Pan card and delivery

The card will take about two weeks to be processed and sent to the individual at the given address. There is a lot of verification and processing involved in the approval and making of a PAN card and that might take some time.

What if there is a printing mistake in Pan Card?

If you find any kind of printing-mistake in your PAN card then you have to apply for correction. You will find a PAN card correction form online, which will be in PDF.

Click here to download Pan card correction form

Download it and fill it up with details like PAN card number, name, required PAN card name, and other details. Finally select the kind of mistake, which is there on your PAN card. Give in the address of communication and leave contact details. 2 stamp-sized photographs also need to be fixed on the form. Once that’s done, send in your form.

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