Pan Card Application Form

Amidst all the various identification documents that the Government of Republic of India incorporates in its book of Rule, the Pan Card is one of the most important. The acronym for Pan Card is Permanent Account Number Card which is issued by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India as a identification number that is used to identify all the individuals living in the country under one single connection. The Pan Card is one of the prime documents that are required by the individuals when performing any financial action that involves an amount of money that exceeds the sum of 50000 INR. The Pan Card has a 10 digit, completely distinct alphanumeric code that distinguishes the database of one person with the other. Apart from these documents like the voter’s ID card, the birth Certificate, the ration card, the driver’s licence, etc are all used as Identification documents!

The Income Tax Department of India let out the Income Tax Act in 1961, the PAN card follows the rules, and regulations set by that Act. If you are planning to get a PAN card then all you need is an internet connection. Now you can apply for your PAN card online.

Click on this link and it will lead you to the online PAN card form.

It’s in PDF form. Download it and check out what Pan Card details you have to give. You will have to provide your address, age, name, and parental details along with work and salary details. You also have to paste 2 stamp-sized photos in the given area. You have to give other details like the kind of form you’re applying for, etc. You also have to attach some documents proofs like address proof and age proof, so make sure you have all that. If you want a different name on your PAN card, like initials of your name or something like that then don’t forget to mention that in the form. If you want your own full name on the PAN card then write your name itself.

Make sure everything is in order, mail your form, and keep checking for Pan card status.

Why should you apply for a Pan Card?

The Pan Card is recognised to be the highest document possible to prove the identity of an individual. To add to this, when you have a Pan Card, the Income Tax Authority of India has a note of all the financial transactions that you make. Thus, it helps the Income Tax Department to keep a check of the evasion of Taxes that is intentionally being done by many individuals. Thus by applying for a Pan Card and getting it, you will be doing your 1st half of the task of building on the economy of your own country. The Number is Permanent irrespective of the changes in address (Inter – state also)

How to apply for a Pan Card?

You can apply for a Pan card both online and offline. If you want to apply online, all you have to do is log on to the link with the online application form and then fill in the correct details. Once you have done it, you will be asked for the option of payment. Once you have completed the payment and collected the invoice all that is left for you is the act of sending the invoice along with the attested copies of the required documents to the UTIITSL office in the city you are applying from.

You can also apply offline by printing the application form, and then filling up the vacant information slots. Once all is done, you will have to send the application form with the attested documents showing your authenticity to the UTIITSL office that is nearest to you.

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