PAN Card Details

PAN card or the Permanent Account Number card is a card, which contains and alphanumeric number, is issued under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. This card is issued to all the legal units, which come under that act. A PAN card act as national identification number and is accepted all over India. It also considered being an important document of individual identification. Central government however has some strict rules and regulation regarding the use of PAN card. It is given to keep a track on every financial transaction made by an individual so that evasion of income tax can be controlled. The PAN card is like an identity proof, which all citizens of India are encouraged to have.

One has to apply for a PAN card. Application for a PAN must be submitted following all rules and regulations. After receiving the Pan card, one needs to go through the PAN card to see if there any printing error on the surface of the Pan card. In case of any error, one has to take an immediate effort to solve the problem to avoid future hassles. One must always keep in mind the importance of the PAN card.

Other Details Which You Should Be Aware Of and its importance

The PAN is like a number, which has been made almost mandatory in several fields like for monetary transactions, or for ID proof for opening a bank account. Other places where you might need your PAN card are, for purchase or sales for assets, which are beyond specified limitations or for receiving your professional fees or taxable salary. The main requirement of the PAN card is for protection and safety of financial transactions and also for keeping tax evasion under control. This is done by keeping a track of bulk amounts of monetary transactions on various fields of different individuals. The PAN is unique, permanent (doesn’t change if you change address by shifting from one state to another) and nationalized.

How to Apply Pan Card Online?

Download the Pan card application form and fill in all the details following the rules and regulations. In case of any error, a message will be shown on the screen. Rectify the error and submit the same. In case anyone wants to fill in some more details or wants to change or include anything can click on the edit option and then submit the same. Payment of the service charge can be made through internet banking, debit or credit card. Mention the correct mode of payment in the application form. A 15 digit dedicated code will be given to the applicant as soon as the application form is submitted. The process of completion might vary from 15 to 20 days. In case of non received or any further query please follow the step below to check the status of your application.

How to Check the Status of Pan Card?

You can apply for PAN card online. You will get the form online from the official website and you can directly submit it. The report will be sent to you after approval and you will get your PAN card by mail.

People are often confused with the fresh application for a change and correction of PAN card. Correction application is to be submitted when rectification of printing errors has to be done, but in case of change of name, marital status, surname, address a fresh new application has to be submitted. Correction application is to edit the wrong PAN card details printed on the surface of the card.

If one decides to go for a correction of the PAN card details, internet is the best option. Government has its own website to assist people with the same. People may visit the website to download the application form, fill in the form with all relevant information following the correct rules and regulations. In case one does any mistake an error message is shown, one can follow their mistake, rectify and submit the same. If one intends to change or make any addition or rectification, can choose the edit option to do the same. After following the entire process one can submit the application. This service is charged with Rs. 96(inclusive of all taxes).

If one has misplaced the PAN card, make sure that you don’t delay to apply for a new one. One must understand the importance of the document and follow the exact process.

Applicant must visit this website to check the status of your Pan card. One needs to fill in the full name, along with the middle name and surname (if any), as same as have been filled in the application form while updating the PAN card details. One needs to mention the name of the father as well. But one thing needs to keep in mind as a precautionary measure. One might get a wrong result depending upon the database in terms of spelling and proper sequence.  In case one is opting for a PAN card for corporate entities of all kinds, must give the full name of the organization in the surname column keeping the name column blank. Same applies for those who are using the short form of their names. The date of incorporation must be mentioned in the date of birth field.

To be kept in mind

  • Keep the filled in details of the application for future reference.
  • Keep in safe custody the 15 digit receipt unique code of acknowledgement.
  • Surname column to be filled in mandatorily, if anyone is using the name only, then the name must be filled in the surname column.
  • Use “-” as separator for bate of birth and date.

   Pan Card Application Form How to Download Application Form for PAN Card?