Steps to Track Pan Card Online

PAN is a unique alphanumeric number, which is printed on the PAN card of any citizen who has it. It’s mandatory for almost any kind of financial transactions these days. The Income Tax Department of India issues a unique identification number, which is a set of numbers and alphabets arranged uniquely for each individual. The PAN card acts as an identity proof for most cases. There are several cases where a this card is mandatory like for example, in purchase or sales of goods or assets, which cross the limited specifications provided, also in bank account making, transactions and some other sectors like for collection of professional fees or taxable income..

Do you want to know about the procedures to track PAN card? Well then reading this article will be really advantageous for you as you will get to know about the reliable and easy ways by which you can access it. In PAN card tracking you need to know about a couple of information and these are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Necessary requirements of tracking a PAN card

In order to track PAN card you need to have the right kind of application for retrieving it and there are two types of pan card application. The first is grievance application and the second one is new application. Along with the right format of application, you need the number of your application and also the number of your coupon is required.

Rules for applying for PAN card tracking

If you are interested in applying for PAN card retrieval then you should be careful about filling up the application form. People very often make mistakes in filing up the application form and provide surname and first name in a different format from the original ones used in the lost PAN card. So you should be sure what comes first in your PAN card, whether it’s your surname or first name, then after giving a careful thought fill up the form. Then putting details about your date of birth is another important criterion where you should maintain a format of day, month and year. You are not supposed to use any dots or backslash in the form and after reading the instructions you should fill up that section.

Online process of Tracking PAN card

Keeping a photocopy of your PAN card is always a wise idea as you might lose it anytime and consider that photocopy as your last resort with which you can track PAN card of yours very quickly. Knowing the PAN number helps you retrieve your PAN card very easily than otherwise. You can track PAN card through the NSDL. On the other hand if you are tracking your PAN card with UTITSL then you have to provide the name of the application, and numbers of application and coupon.

PAN card Jurisdiction

If you are unable to track PAN card through these process then you should contact the PAN card jurisdiction. And in order to know the jurisdiction area of your PAN card you need to have the following details.

  • Range code
  • AO type
  • AO number
  • Area code

These will help you know the appropriate jurisdiction area and from there you can get the PAN card number and other details.

The charges that you have to provide in order to track PAN card is 96/- and you should add the service charge and dispatch charges along with this. On the other hand if you are completely unable to track PAN card of yours and want to get a new card then you need to start a new application all over again. And in order to do that you have to get a fresh application form and fill the form in block letters everywhere. The form will be filled up with black ink only and you can submit the application form to any TIN website once you are done with it. If you have any problems while submitting your form or if you have any grievances about the application process regarding your PAN card then you can always call the TIN websites as their help centre numbers are always available in their sites. You can send your enquiries if you have any via email or by calling the service centre and expect to get assistance immediately by the servicemen. For more information, visit this website.

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