15 August 2021

India got its independence on 15 August 1947 and this is the reason of national importance to this day every year. Let’s first start with the history related to this day.

History of Independence Day

This day is among the most important historical event in the Indian History. On very this day, India got its independence from the rule of British rule. After more than 200 years of rule, finally on this day, Britishers were agreed to free India. After a long struggle that India faced and fought, they got the fruit of their hard work and commitment towards the nation. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India and he gave a very famous speech called as ‘Tryst with destiny’.

So many famous freedom fighters gave their lives in lieu of freeing their own country. Some of them like Rani Lakashmi bai, Bhaghat Singh are few to be named.

How people celebrate this festival cum National Importance Day

It is a gazette holiday and all public as well as private work places are closed on this day. Prime Minister of India unfurls the Indian flag accompanied by a national speech. Similar types of functions are organized in various parts of country and chief minister of every state does same thing as done by the Prime minister of India. In front of Prime minister of India, various children from different schools perform functions related to Independence Day.

In schools and colleges, children participate in events like Singing, play and other events related to the independence day of India.  Sweets are distributed among the school children on this day. Although most of the work places are closed, but Indian flag is unfurled at every government institution.

As this is a national holiday, people tend to go out on shopping etc. Some people visit homes of their relatives for casual talks and eat out. Some of the people are engaged in the services related to the social work. On this occasion people can experience a bad traffic because, some of the main routes are closed due to security reasons.

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