Indian Flag – History Design & Manufacturing

Indian flag consists of four main elements, that is three colored strips (Saffron, White and Green) and over the white strip is the Ashok chakra with 24 spokes.

Meaning of colors and chakra

Saffron denoted the sacrifice and courage, White represents the truth, peace and purity. Green represents the prosperity and Ashok chakra represents the law of righteousness. The present flag is a little modification of Swaraj flag that was represented in the year 1931 in the congress meet and it was designed by the Pingali Venkayya.

Design of Indian Flag

Bureau of Indian standards governs the data that is related to the dimension of the flag and other aspects related to it. The brightness of the white strip needs to be 72.6, for green strip the brightness needs to be 8.9 and for the saffron strip the brightness level are 21.5. Length and width of each strip needs to be same. The aspect ratio of Indian flag is 3:2 or the length of the flag is 1.5 times more than the width.

History related to Indian Flag

Before 1931, there were various version Indian flag made, but all of them got rejected because they represented some or other way lackness to become a national flag. But the flag designed and presented by the Pingali Venkayya during the congress submit called as the Swaraj Flag was stepping stone for today’s flag.  But in the Swaraj flag instead of Ashok Chakra, charkha (A type wooden arrangement which is used for taking out threads from the cotton balls) was present. The largest Indian flag which is made till now is 6.3 by 4.2 meters and it was hoisted on the building of government headquarters in Maharashtra. Indian Flag code allows every citizen to hoist the flag in their vicinity provided they follow all the guidelines given by the government for hoisting the flag.

How Indian Flag is Manufactured?

Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission of Indian hold the rights to manufacture the Indian flag, and they are the one who allocated manufacturing of Indian flag by various small scale industries. The Indian flag is made with special type of cloth called as Khadi, which is made from the threads that are hand drawn from the cotton balls. The flag is made with all the dimensions that are under the Bureau of Indian Standards. There are two types of Khadi cloths that are used in the making of the Indian flag, one is used for the making of body of the flag and the other one is used for making the flag thread or rope that holds it.

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