Gatimaan Express | Delhi Agra Route - India's Fastest Train

Gatimaan Express the India’s fastest train starts its operation from the month of April. The first of the semi-high speed trains will ply between New Delhi the capital of India and Agra the city of Taj Mahal. This train is one of high points in Indian Railways as it will be touching a top notch of 160kms in an hour which is yet to be achieved. The average speed of Indian Railways is around 110km/hr. this train will cover the distance between Delhi and Agra in just 100 minutes. This is an achievement by the largest train network of the world. With this train Indian Railway will be looking to speed up the journey on every route thus revamping the services provided by them. 
The train will running 6 days a week except that of Friday’s. This is because the Taj Mahal remains closed on that day. The daily train will leave from Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi at 08:10 am and will be reaching Agra 09:50 am thus covering a distance of 187KM in just 100 minutes. The departing time from Agra is set to 05:50 pm and will reach Nizamuddin at 07:30 pm. 

This train will consists of in total 11 coaches built in the rail wagon factory of Kapurthala. These coaches are fit to be run at a speed of 160 Km/hr and still provide smooth ride to the passengers. Out of these 11 coaches 2 are the executive chair car coach while 9 are the AC chair car coaches. The coaches are equipped with Wi-Fi technology and IRCTC provides in coach female attendants to provide an in-flight like travel. The in-train catering will also have different cuisines being served to the passengers thus increasing the standards of the food being served.

The tickets for a journey in the Gatimaan express will cost 1500 rupees for a seat in the Executive coach while 750 rupees for a AC Chair car ticket. The train not only holds a good ambience and Wi-Fi for passengers but it also has free in-train entertainment system which provides the travellers an experience which they never received earlier. The train also has an inbuilt GPS system providing real-time information to the travellers. This new train comes with a WAP-5 electrical engine providing an output of 5,500 horse power. This is surely a dawn of a new-era in the Indian Railways

Gatimaan Express | Delhi - Agra Route, Timing, Train Number & Distance

Gatimaan Express in India's Fastest Train with maximum speed of 160km/hr.

Train Number 12050

Train Name Gatimaan Express

Source and Destination Station - Hazrat Nizamuddin station and Agra Cantonment station

Timing Hazrat Nizamuddin station 08:10 am to Agra Cantonment station 09:50 am

Distance 188Km

Train Number 12049

Train Name Gatimaan Express

Source and Destination Station - Agra Cantonment to Hazrat Nizamuddin station Railway station

Timing Hazrat Nizamuddin station 17:50pm to Agra Cantonment station 19:30 pm

Distance 188Km

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