15 August 1947

15 August 1947 will always remain a special day for Indian nation because that was the day they got the Independence. But several events unfolded to make this day happen. The rule of Britishers for more than 200 years ended on this day. But as ‘Hindustan’ was getting independence, a very grim situation came in front of it. The situation was how the power between the Muslim and Hindu leaders will be shared.

The result of this was that, Western part of India was declared as the Pakistan which is a new nation and it becomes a new Islamic nation. One hand there was joy everywhere for the independence of India from such a long British rule. But on the other side of the mirror, the partition of India and the outspread of communal violence between Hindu followers and Islamic followers were showing pictures of different world and the consequences that these two countries will face in future. Overnight people from both part of the country changed their location and major movement of people was recorded. There were two Pakistan states that time, one was in the west called as the ‘West Pakistan’ and other one was the ‘east Pakistan’, which is now Bangladesh. During the partition world saw the greatest amount ‘transfer of people from one place to another. And since both these states were not enough capable at that time to keep this process going in peaceful manner, lots of people lost their lives. It is also said that, lot of women were abducted from each side.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was declared the leader of the newly formed Pakistan country and on the other hand Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was declared the prime minister of the India. On this very day, he gave a famous speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’. Although the speech was in English, but it gave a push to people for understanding the importance of this language and today a good part of Indian population can speak and read English language.

Lord Mountbatten was the last viceroy of India and he declared the independence of Indian from the British rule. The growing pressure over the Britain to hold back their empire at home due to the world war, is considered as the prime reason why the left India. It is also a fact that Indian soldiers fought for the British Empire in the world war in lieu that Britishers will give their nation independence. The continuous non violence movement conducted by the Mahatma Gandhi and also efforts by many Indian kept the British thinking to leave India.

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