26 January Republic Day 2021 Speech

(Salutation) Dear Friends,

Today we have gathered here to celebrate one of the most important day of our country. Yes, it is 26th January, the republic day of our motherland. Today we are celebrating the 71th republic day of India. Here we must understand the history of our country so that we can understand the importance of a republic. Our nation got independence on 15th August, 1947 from the British rule. There were lots of people who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for freedom. The leaders struggled hard to counter the foreign rule and establish the independence. Lots of protests were done and many of the son of this land also tried to have independence with weapons also.

After a struggle of almost 100 years, the British government decided to free India and finally we got independence. During the British rule our country was governed by the Government of India act 1935 and there was whole system functioning accordingly but after freedom it was not that easy. A perfect legal framework for the easy and systematic governance was much required. Understanding the same, leaders formed a constitution drafting committee. The members of the committee researched a lot and the final draft of the constitution was prepared which was signed on 24th January 1950. The assembly decided to bring the constitution in force from 26th January to celebrate the day of Purna Swaraj day declaration in 1930.

We must understand here the meaning of a republic. It means that in the governance of the country, citizens play a direct and important role. They select the representative and the representatives take decisions about the society. In the republic country the positions such as Chief Minister, Prime Minister and President are filled by the election.

The leaders have dreamt about the active role of citizens which we must complete and take our Golden Land to a new heights of achievements.

Thank you all!!

   26 January - History about Republic Day of India 26 January 2021 Republic Day Essay