26 January

26 January- The day when India remarked it as a day of every Indian

In the history of India the day of 26 January holds great significance. After the Independence in 1947, the governance was yet in very primary stage and hence a perfect framework of rules and regulation was a dire requirement which was sufficed by the constitution which was adopted on this day. After the independence the British government was no more in power and hence the laws made by them to control India were also no more authentic. The constitution committee was formed and with their visionary thoughts and great studies with expertise, final draft of the constitution was prepared and it was passed and came in force on this day. Hence the Union of India was started governing by the constitution, which was a great milestone in the Indian history. To commemorate this change the day is celebrated all over India.

The Day

In the year 1950, the constitution of India, which gave the rights to its citizens and accepted the republic pattern of governance had come in force from this day. After the Independence when India was not having its constitution, the drafting committee was formed on November 4, 1947. The committee members did deep research and studied a lot to prepare the constitution. On the day of January 24, 1950, the committee submitted the final draft in English as well as Hindi version which was signed by the National Assembly.

It was decided to bring it in force on 26 January as on 26 January, 1930, the demand of Purna Swaraj was pronounced. On this day the first president of Independent India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath and hoisted the tri-colour national flag of India.

26 January - Activities on Republic Day

There are end numbers of activities done by people and government to celebrate this day. The national capital is decorated and special arrangements are made for the celebration of this day. The prime minister of India laid his wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti in the memory of those brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for the motherland. The president of India is saluted by all the armed forces of India after hoisting the tri-colour national flag at the national capital New Delhi. There are a number of parades from different armed forces are held. All the weapons are demonstrated on this day as they take part in the parade. A lot of cultural programs are also organized on this day by various government and non-government organizations. There is also a head of state invited to be a guest at the time of these parades. In every state capital, the governor takes the salute of the armed forces. There are various medals for bravery and useful social works are awarded to the winners on this day.

26 January - The Celebration in Society

In schools and colleges also a lot of activities are done that can inspire the young generation. Officially it is a gazetted holiday and hence all the government offices, banks, agencies and educational institutes are closed. Private organisations also observe half working day and remain close in the evening. People wish each other and the whole country feels the patriotic fervour on peak. At many places, different competitions such as elocution, quiz, and drama are also held and the winners are awarded with prizes. There are many organisations who arrange various social works on this day and drive the society to a better tomorrow with their activities.

On this day, the country remembers all those who fought against the British rule and made India free as well as republic country. It is a memorable day for every Indian. 

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