26 January Dry Day

The dry day:  A day with ban on the sale of liquor

There are a lot of matters concerned with the celebration of the Republic Day of India 26th January and one of such matters is ban on sale of liquor in all the states of India where the consumption and legal sale of liquor is allowed. There are also many states where the liquor is completely banned and hence there is no question of dry day in those states as they are known as dry states.

The ban on liquor sale

On the day of 26th January the liquor sale is completely banned and hence it is known as dry day. On this day, even those shops who have official permission of liquor sale cannot operate them. The reason behind the rule is very simple. As it is the republic day of India and leaders were not in much favour of consumption of liquor, people offer their respect to the great thinkers. There are various views with the change of time has emerged, but there are many people who advocate the status of dry day particularly on the day of National Holiday.

However, it's worth to note here that the dry day and non-consumption of liquor is restricted to Indian citizens only. 

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