Housing for All Scheme

Housing for all is the new buzz in the nation. As the president of India said in his speech that we will achieve by the end of the year 2022, that every family in country has their home and nobody lives in slums or khacha houses. In view of this Prime minister of India has launched a new campaign which aims to provide home to every person on this country, the basic dream of everyone. In fact already central government is running some schemes in the country like JNNURM, ROY and AHP. Though these schemes have been there for quite some time, but still we needed something more straight and to the target.

To address this issue, government has launched ‘housing for all’ scheme which is more comprehensive and will cater all the needs of having a house for a common man. As per the research conducted by the central government, there are particular states where the number of people living in slums is higher and need of having of developing houses there is more important.

Government has estimated by research as how many people are living in middle income group houses, low income group houses and economic weaker sections. The number will tell government as how many houses they have to make and how much money needs to be invested in this.

More concerns are towards those parts of society who are living in slums as it poses serious threat to the health of the people who are living there. Around 13 million people live in the slums in the country. Due to unplanned settlement somewhere, slums tend to come up and they are always deprived of basic education, sanitation, health etc. There are two areas which government has defined the slums, one is tenable, that means the one where houses can be constructed and people can be settled in them. Other area is non tenable, means slums that are constructed in places where it is unsafe for living to live in like river beds, drain lines etc.

The most needs of the house are in the group of LIG and EWS. There is an estimated shortage of 18 millions houses for these two groups. Getting land to construct houses in urban areas is always a big problem. But government will utilize the land of state, railways, defense etc to come up with the houses. Not the whole land will be taken from these former mentioned organizations, but the part that is of no use to them. Another section of the population that needs to be settled is migrants from other states. For them government advises rental accommodation or dormitories.

To speed up the process of making houses, government will bring single window clearance for these projects. Public Private Partnership is being used to speed up the construction of the houses. And fixed percentage of profit is decided for the private builders. Government is also planning to authorize, non authorized colonies by re-mapping and providing all the basis facility to them. A large chunk of people live in these unauthorized colonies in the country.

The need of the hour is to quickly estimate the number of houses to be constructed and fresh release of funds for it. And regular check on the construction of the houses and proper settlement of poor’s who are in the slums.

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