Smart City Mission - What is this & How it will be Implemented?

The whole world is changing every year and cities are getting bigger and crowded. When technology is touching every aspect of our life, it is difficult to imagine a place where we live, to be avoided by this. Using whatever technology we have, to modernize and renovate the existing system will be quite useful, But why? Well the pace at which human race is going ahead is really something to look for and our cities cannot be like the ones they used to be in 20th century. Time is changing, so does the city should too

Government in a step to make existing cities smarter, which will help us to plan better for the future and also to make maximum use of the resources that, we currently have. Recently government has launched a scheme in which selected cities will be made smarter. An estimated budget of 48000 crores will be spent on making the cities smarter over the duration of five years. Across the whole country, around 500 cities will get such benefits. The mission is to make at least 100 cities smarter in the coming years.

So when we are talking about making them smart, what actually we are talking about. Better transport systems inside the city, to reduce the commute time as much possible. This will be done by using various modern techniques. On the other hand better sanitation systems, advance sewage and garbage management systems. A deep and robust connectivity to the IT networks and centralized system to monitor the same will also be part of the same. On the other hand, providing access to faster internet services to the people. Other sectors like education, health, public safety etc will be added with this too.

To implement these plans government has made special purpose vehicles that are intended with this sole purpose only and will be separate for each city. In this smart city scheme, the role of citizen of that place will also be accounted, so that pan city contribution can also take place. People belonging to a certain place will actually tell the real time scenarios of that part.

Government is planning to take help of educational institutions like school of planning, IITs, NITs etc to design projects for each city. Every state government has to make a report and submit it to the central government for review. Since the number of application for the smart cities are expected to be higher, government will select cities based on the ‘City Challenge Competition’ by which economic growth and expenditure in making the same will be considered.

Every Year A total sum of Rs 100 crore will be sent by the central government for these cities development for duration of 5 years. State government will also be encouraged to put some part of their budget towards the development of such cities. This move will surely going to put India in to league of modern nation and a further step in to becoming a developed nation from a developing country. People are eagerly waiting to see the results of these types of moves by the government.

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