1090 Women Power Line Helpline Uttar Pradesh

1090 is the new helpline number that is being launched by the Uttar Pradesh Government for empowering the rights and also to give women sense of security among the society. Since this is a dedicated helpline for women, a better work towards tackling the problems of the women and also listening to the problem faced by them. Both by phone or by online method, you can register your complain. For example, if you are facing any concerns regarding health and not getting proper treatment, then you can register your complaint against that health setup easily. To protect the identity of the user, your personal information is always kept classified.

How to Use 1090 Women Power Line Number?

This help line is very easy to use.  If you are calling on this number 1090, then you can tell about your problem to the call center executive and they will note down your problem and provide the necessary steps that you need to take.

On the other hand, to connect will all the people, this help line can be used on online also. You have to visit www.1090up.in and there you can register you problem.

Clearly there is button on which you have to click and after that, you have to enter the necessary details about yourself like name and phone number etc. Before doing that, you need to select the district in which you are living or facing the problem. This helps government to sort out the problem faster. In the last, if you have photo or video related to your problem, then you can upload that also.

For your registered complain you get unique one time password on your mobile phone. Here is the link to register your complain.

After your problem is registered, it will be conveyed to the respective police department. And after one week your feedback will be taken, if you are satisfied then after 1 month another feedback will be taken if you are not satisfied, then legal action will be taken against the problem.

How to Track Your 1090 Complain

When you register your complain, you get a unique reference number, so you have to call and tell them this reference number to know about your problem. On the other hand, if you want to track your information online then, you have to enter the reference number and the contract number to keep track on your problem.

Concept of 1090 Power Angels

In order to increase the penetration of this helpline, some responsible people will be made aware about this helpline in detailed manner and they will go to each and every village to spread the knowledge about this.

Anybody can become the power angel. And they will act as the medium of communication between the action team and the people of the society.

Those who are interested in becoming one can get themselves registered at official portal. Here you have to enter your all the details and also an essay stating why you want to become ‘power angel’. This will help the helpline team to easily look in to your application and choose you for the task.

Important Contact Numbers

To provide direct link of people with the police, important number of various police officers have been given on this site district wise. This is to make sure that, channel of communication between the police and common man is direct. This is to create a better understanding between the people and police force.

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