Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)

Republic of India Completes its 75 years of Independence in the year 2022. But a nation so rich in culture, linguistic and geological diversity still faces the grim issue of homelessness. A country which is known for its magnificent architecture like ‘Taj Mahal’, still have to come a long way when it comes to home for common man. According to the new reports that are presented by the newly formed government, a large chunk of people still lives in slums, or houses that are considered ‘Khacha’ (House made of woods, mud etc). In everyman life having a home is the biggest dream come true, but still lot of them are not so fortunate.

India with over 125 corers people still lacks that basic dream of common man. Well to some extent the middle class of our country managed to have good houses that they acquired due to the real estate boom in India. But nothing about the lower middle class and people below them. This lack of proper housing puts both hygiene and health of people at stake. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is supposed to be answer to all the questions that arises when it comes to ‘HOME’.

Recently president of India in his speech told that by 2022 every family will have a ‘Pakka’ house with connection to all the basic amenities. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has launched a new scheme called as ‘Housing For All’. But what are they targeting with this new scheme is interesting to read:

  1. Those who are living in slums will be redeveloped and re-habited with the help of government and private builders.
  2. Affordable housing schemes for the people with the help of credits subsidy to them.
  3. This affordable housing will be given on the PPE model, which is public and private partnership.
  4. Those who wish to construct their own house, subsidy in doing the construction will be given.

That being said, there are other things that are clearly written down in the booklet launched by the government under this scheme. To make any project successful you need to have a constant monitoring over it. Monitoring on this project will be done on three levels, City, State and Center. This is to make sure that everything goes the way government wants.

Secondly, government has made it clear regarding the mandatory conditions that need to be followed like allocation of lands for the urban projects and removing the bottlenecks that come in when distributing land for building of houses in urban area.

Thirdly, modern approaches like weather resistant houses to make them safe for disaster, green technologies for building houses, making houses earthquake resistant, wherever needed. NIT and IIT to participate in the making of this project for designing and planning.

So this was brief information regarding the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana that is launched to boost overall development of the nation. This new scheme tends to answer the need of common man who everyday dreams to sleep in his own house called as ‘the sweet home’.

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