Airports in Karnataka, India

Karnataka airport have following airports:

Bengaluru International Airport (BLR): This is among the major international airports that are present in India. In total, it handles around 12.5 million passengers in a year and in the coming it will grow to further levels. Around 10 domestic and 21 international operates from here to various location in the domestic as well as International lands. It is being operated in joint venture between Siemens, Government of Karnataka and Airport Authority of India. Currently the length of runway is around 4200m. Currently there are three terminals here; one is for domestic movements and others for international and Hajj pilgrims. A Separate cargo terminal was also been made to cater the needs of Bangalore.

Belgaum Airport (IXG): Around 10 Km away from the Belgaum, this airport is located. A total area of 440 acres of land is covered by the airport. Currently its runway has a length of 2190m and was recently renovated to make more comfortable. A separate VIP check in counters was made. There are several fliers that are having operations to this airstrip. Airport Authority of India, has taken more land to expand this airstrip and once the project is completed it will cater a large number of passenger.

Hubli Airport (HBX): It spreads in around 369 acres of land and has coverage for two cities: Hubli and Dharwad. It can handle 150 passengers in 1 hour. Currently the renovation of this airport is being carried out by AAI and new facilities like taxi parking etc will be added. Once completed it can handle Boeing 747 and Airbus A-320. Currently its runway length is around 1670m. Spicejet has its operations from Bangalore and Mumbai to this airport.

Mangalore Airport (IXE): Another international airport in Karnataka state and is located in main Mangalore city. Earlier it was known with the name called as Bajpe Airport. Currently it has two runways and this airport comes under the category of table top airport. Currently there is a plane to expand this more, because of the complications that are caused due to the short runway it has. Separate terminals for Cargo, Domestic, international and Hajj movements are there. Around 52 international flights are operated every week from here.

Mysore Airport (MYQ): It serves the major Mysore city of India. It was first constructed in the year 1948, but faced partial shutdown because of low traffic problems. Currently the length of the runway is around 1858m. Only Spice jet has its operations from Bangalore and Chennai. But major part of traffic is constituted by the chartered planes and there numbers have increased in the recent years. After airport is completed it will be able to land Boeing 747 and Airbus A-320.

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