Krishna Janmashtami

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Krishna Janmashtami is on 26 August 2024 (Monday)

Days Remaining in Krishna Janmashtami 2024

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated to mark the mark birth of lord Krishna. The festival is also referred to as Gokulashtami or Govinda in Maharashtra. This day is celebrated on the ashtami or the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the month shravana according to the Hindu calendar. Janmashtami is celebrated with great religious fervour across the nation.

Krishna History

Krishna was born in Mathura in present day Uttar Pradesh. Mathura was ruled by king Ugrasena who had a daughter named Devki and son called Kansa. Kansa was very cruel and he forcefully took over the throne by imprisoning his father. Devki was married to Vasudev but after a heavenly prediction that Devki’s eighth child will be born to kill him, Kansa imprisoned his sister Devki and Vasudev. He managed to kill six children born to them. But the seventh child was saved by divine intervention as the child was transferred from Devki’s womb to that of Rohini's who was Vasudev's other wife. This chid was Balram, Krishna’s elder brother. When the eighth child was born it was secretly taken out of the prison and was brought up by Yasoda and Nanda in Gokhul. Thus Krishna grew up in Gokhul and killed his uncle Kansa and saved the people from the cruel king’s tyranny.

How is Krishna Janmashtami Celebrated?

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Especially in Mathura special and most elaborate celebration are held. Various customs are rituals are observed by the people which vary from region to region.

This festival is celebrated for two days with celebrations reaching its peak during the midnight of the first day when lord Krishna was believed to have been born. A major and common custom followed on this day is fasting. People fast the entire day and break the fast at midnight. Devotees indulge in chanting lord names and sing bahajns. Songs and dances are performed by the people praising the lord. Special baby cradles are installed in temples and a small statue placed in them. Children get dressed up as Lord Krishna and his companion Radha on this day.

On this day in many places colourful Rasleela (plays) are performed by devotees depicting significant phases and acts of Lord's life. This festival is incomplete without the ritual of Dahi Handi. Here young men form human pyramids and break an earthen pot which is suspended from top with the help of a rope. This ritual is very famous in Mumbai in Maharashtra.

On this day various sweets made of milk are made since lord Krishna was very fond of milk and butter.