Indian Air Force Day

Country: India
Upcoming Indian Air Force Day is on 08 October 2023 (Sunday)

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Indian Air Force also known as the IAF is the air wing of the security of the country. The president of India is the ex-officio commander in chief of the air wing. The air force of India has a rich history as it was established in the year 1932. The air wing was established during the British reign on 8th of October. During the World War II the air wing of India had a prefix added to the name and was named as the Royal Indian Air force. The air wing served the British forces and as India got it’s Independence in the year 1947 the air force became the air wing of the armed forces. In 1950 as the country became republic the Air force dropped its prefix Royal from its name and was named as the Indian Air force.

Indian Air Force Day 2020 Date - When Air Force Day is Celebrated in India?

As the Air Force of India was established on 8th October since then every year it is celebrated as the Indian Air Force Day. This is one of the special days for the armed force and it is celebrated in every air force base camp. The day starts off with honouring the dead officers of the Air Force who lost their life while serving the country. Later the main event of the day is followed that is honouring of the brave pilots who worked on to keep the skies of India secure. The serving officers of the Air force are awarded with bravery awards on this day in front of all the audience. It is a matter of respect for the entire officer and their families as medals are an appreciation for the work they do.

On this day the serving officers perform a special Air force parade for the audience. The audience mainly comprises of the family members and special guests of the Air force officers. The parade is followed by the display of the missiles which is carried on a truck. It is displayed to the audience and the world. Some planes and special helicopters are also displayed which are carried behind the truck.

As the road show of planes, helicopters and missiles gets over the Air Force officer treats the audience with a deadly air show. Fighter planes fly past the parade ground in some dangerous formations that can be performed only by brave officers. Flowers are showered from the sky on the audience and lastly the tri colour flag of India is drawn in the skies to pay tribute to the country. The air show is definitely the outstanding visual of the day.

In the year 2013, the Indian Air Force celebrated its 81st Indian Air Force day and once again the highlight of the day was the Air show. It was a treat to watch the dangerous fighter planes fly past each other like free birds.


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