Kalidas Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Kalidas Jayanti is on 01 November 2024 (Friday)

Days Remaining in Kalidas Jayanti 2024

Kalidas is a renowned poet in the Indian history and known for his impeccable poetry skills. Kalidas was born in the year 4th century B.C and said to have belonged to the region near Nagpur. His sheer involvement in the writing of poems and also his utmost talent in describing things with the word was the main attraction about him. In His entire life time, he used to write on various topics and most of them even considered the natural beauty that is surrounding him, on the hand, he wrote some of the fantastic works in the Indian society like: Meghdoot, in which he described the serene beauty of the nature with help of the words and poetry only. So much so was his writing influence on people that, his work was converted from the Sanskrit language to the English languages.

He wrote three famous plays, that are still highly acclaimed in the field of writing, and they are as follows: Malavikagnimitram, Abhijnanasakuntalam and Vikramorvasiyam. Among these three, the second one is quite famous and its story is like this:

King Dushyanta was one day hunting in the forest and saw a girl named as Shakuntala. She was the only child of a Sage saint. King Dushyanta was very impressed by the beauty of this girl and married her. After that they started living happily life. One day a saint came on the door for ‘Bhiksha’. But Shakuntla was pregnant and King Dushyanta went to court for some kingdom related matter. As she was not able to give food to the sage saint that was standing front of the door, he cursed her. The curse was that, King Dushyanta will forget the Shakuntla and he will only be able to remember her back when he sees the ring, which he gave to the Shakuntla.

But when Shakuntala was returning to kingdom, as she was in the final hour of her pregnancy, she lost this ring. And as she arrived in the palace, King Dushyanta was not able to identify her. This ring by somehow went inside the stomach of a fish. One day a fisherman caught this fish and found this ring. He came up with the ring in front of the ring and told him that he found something in the water. As soon as King saw the ring, he was able to remember back his memories that were lost. And after so many difficulties that he faced in searching for the Shakuntla, he finally was able to find her and then after that both of them lived the happy life.

How people celebrate the Kalidas Jayanti

Kalidas has always been associated with the art, culture and other society related work. Mainly people belonging to the state of Maharashtra celebrate this festival. There is a two day program in which various types of cultural, musical and other events are organized in the state. Specially in the city Nagpur, the celebration are quite large and people tends to participate in the various events,

In various places ‘Kavi Samelan’ are organized throughout the India, in which poets form rest of the Indian and even other countries comes to participate in it. Also in various places his famous plays are performed by the people and children.