Narsi Mehta Jayanti

Religion: Hindu
Country: India
Upcoming Narsi Mehta Jayanti is on 02 December 2024 (Monday)

Days Remaining in Narsi Mehta Jayanti 2024

Narisinh Mehta or Narsi Mehta was the famous poet from the state of Gujarat. Narsi Mehta was born at Talaja, in the year 1409. But his childhood days were note that great as other children around him had. He lost his parents at the age of 5 and was living with grandmother Jaygauri. When he was 20 years old, he married Manekbai. From the childhood days, he was quite involved in the worship of god and hence was giving most of his time in worshipping them. Narsi Mehta was living with his brother, but the behavior of his sister in law was very bad. It is said as per the legends that, one day he left the house due to his lost control over temper that he was holding against the taunt of his sister in law and was roaming in the forest. There he started worshipping Lord Shiva. As per the legend, Lord Shiva came in front of the Narsi Mehta.

Lord Shiva on his request took him at the Vrindavan and told him to see the Ras Leela of the Lord Krishna. Seeing that scene, Narsi Mehta was totally spell bound and could not help himself to dive in to the serenest beauty of this scene. Then after that he came back and thanked his sister in law. After that he started writing various poems and manuscripts that were related to the lord Krishna.

After that he started to write about the lord Krishna and his life in a big way. His Bhajans and kirtans become a huge matter of discussion and the type of words and language used was serene and had deep understanding to deal with. One of his song, ‘Vaishnav Jan to’ is Mahatma Gandhi favorite song of all time.

In his whole life time, his some of the best works were   "pada ", " Aakhyan ", and  " Prabhatiya ". He died in the year 1488.

How people celebrate Narsi Mehta Jayanti

Narsi Mehta Jayanti is mostly celebrated in the Gujarat state of India. On this day, the work of the Narsi Mehta is remembered at various places; cultural events that included the writing of the Narsi Mehta are chanted. As such there is nothing like that, only on this day his work is remembered. Throughout the whole year, at one place to other place his writing is chanted by all the saints.

Music lovers on the day, sing the songs that were wrote by the Narsi Mehta.