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Upcoming International Women’s Day is on 08 March 2025 (Saturday)

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March 8, is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the globe to honour the achievements of the women through the centuries and appreciate their contribution in our life. It is also known as the International Working Women’s Day or the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International peace. The day is observed as a public holiday in countries like Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Cuba and Armenia. In the other parts of the world, it is a global observance and various events are conducted everywhere to celebrate the day.

Why it is Celebrated?

International Women’s Day came into existence to eradicate the injustice faced by women across the world and give them the respect and dignity that they deserve. A woman plays the role of mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, guide and indulger during her lifetime. She is the backbone of the society and no family can survive without the presence of a woman. But over the centuries, women have always been treated as an object and not human beings. Sexism, discrimination and denial of even the basic human rights have been a part of the women’s life. In order to change the mentality and raise awareness about the importance of women, this global civil day of awareness is celebrated.

History and Origin

The first Women’s Day celebration dates back to 1909 which the Socialist Party of America celebrated in New York. It was done to commemorate the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union strike of 1908. On March 19, 1911, International Women’s Day was celebrated in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark by conducting meetings, cultural events and rallies. The women of Russian celebrate their first Women’s Day in 1913 and subsequent celebrations continued in the following years.

Later, the United Nations highlighted the poor condition of women across the world and their struggle for existence, making it as global issue of concern. In 1975 at the first conference on women’s rights in Mexico City, the UN declared the year as International Women’s Year. Finally, the United Nations General Assembly decided to proclaim 8th March as the UN Women’s Rights and World Peace Day or the International Women’s Day in 1977. The main motto of observing this day is to provide equality, dignity and respect to women all over the world.

Special Moments

The International Women’s Day is celebrated with a new theme every year and the theme of 2014 was ‘Equality for Women in Progress for All’. The logo of IWD comprises of the symbol of Venus in white and purple. Different other messages and posters are used for the celebration. In 2011, the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Day was celebrated with great pomp everywhere. US President Barack Obama asked all the countrymen to highlight the achievements of women all throughout the month to celebrate the day. In Australia, a special coin was issued to commemorate the century celebration.

Celebrations across the Globe

The International Women’s Day is observed with a lot of functions and events everywhere. Special honouring ceremonies are conducted to felicitate the achievements of women. Men give flowers, gifts and special treatment to the women of their lives like mother, wife, sister friend etc. Campaigns and workshops are organized to stop violence against women across the world.

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