Earth Day

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Upcoming Earth Day is on 22 April 2024 (Monday)

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Earth Day- A Day dedicated to our place of existence and living…a place called as ‘Earth’.

Well Earth day is quite amateur, when we talk about a day which was dedicated to our planet. The Folklore of earth day is like this, A noble person named as Senator Gaylord Nelson choose 22nd April as a day which will be dedicated to the mother earth and to promote the importance of mother nature and hence its connection with us. So from that day, 22nd April was dedicated to our planet.

There is anomaly over this, as some people prefer to celebrate this day on the ‘March Equinox’. The perception of March Equinox was given by the John McConnell. And Margaret Mead, an Anthropologist, supported his perception. So, this was the entire the past related to this day.

When Earth Day is celebrated

Every year, on 22nd April, people celebrate this unique event dedicated to our own planet. Some people in different part of the world celebrate earth day on March Equinox. There is no holiday on this day and life works as normal. People are advised to use more public transport on this day as to save emission getting in to the atmosphere.

How People Celebrate Earth Day

As such there are no traditions or ceremonies attached to this day, but yes of course over the time some common practices have been developed by the people. All over the world, programs related to earth like ecology, food chain, global warming etc are organized and discussion are done to bring new ideas and to implement them to safeguard our plant. One common yet, a lot more exciting and special activity are carried in the world and it is called as ‘Light Off’. Yes, on this day people are requested to switch of their all lights for certain number of hours, in order to embark the importance to this day. Also it symbolizes that we are reducing loads on our thermal power plants, hence the emissions.

In many places like colleges, schools etc. tree plantation drives are carried out. Corporate sectors also take action in this direction. Banners across the countries are placed to make people aware about their environment.

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