World AIDS Day

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Upcoming World AIDS Day is on 01 December 2024 (Sunday)

Days Remaining in World AIDS Day 2024

On 1st December, the World AIDS Day is celebrated across the globe to honour the victims of the AIDS and HIV. The day is observed globally to show solidarity towards all those people who are living with this deadly disease. Awareness about AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and HIV or Human Immunodeficiency is spread and issues related to the victims suffering from AIDS are brought into focus on this day.   The United Nations proclaimed this as a Global Public Health Campaign and it was made official since 1995 after USA president formally announced its observance. More than 38 million people have lost their lives due to this epidemic disease out of which children form a good proportion. Many treatment methods and awareness campaigns have been created but still the HIV continues to claim millions of lives every year.

Red Ribbon and AIDS Theme

The main globally identified symbol of AIDS and HIV is the red ribbon. It was designed by the Visual AIDS Artists in 1991 to be worn like a badge to raise awareness for the cause but now has become a trademark symbol. Today, even sportsmen wear this ribbon before important matches on World AIDS Day.

World AIDS day is celebrated with a new theme that is decided by the Global Steering Committee of WAC (World AIDS Campaign). ‘Stop AIDS & Keep Promise’ was the theme from 2005 to 2010. From 2012 to present, the theme is:

Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections,

Zero Death from AIDS Related Illness,

Zero Every Discrimination’

Celebrations to Mark the Global Observance

People from all strata of society have now joined hands to make the World AIDS Day a success. The World AIDS Campaign is run all round the year, but this day lays special emphasis on the major issues related to it. Many celebrities and influential people address issues on AIDS, take part in educational workshops and events on this day. A special greeting is released by Pope Benedict XVI for the AIDS sufferers on this day. In 2007, White House showed its support to the cause with a 28th foot Red Ribbon. It is being displayed every year on this day on the North Portico of the White House building. People go out with the trademark red ribbon badge to show respect and love for the HIV victims.

Numerous events take place on World AIDS Day to educate people about AIDS and HIV. Maximum people do not exactly know what medical condition is suffered by the victims. AIDS patients have always suffered hostility and discrimination from the world as numerous myths prevail regarding HIV. Nongovernment as well as government organizations launch campaigns to help eradicate these myths and make world a better place for the AIDS victims. A very impactful event is the AIDS Memorial Quilt Campaign that takes place in USA on this day to honour the people who lost lives in AIDS. Quilt panels are constructed by the family members, friends and acquaintances of AIDS victims and then exhibition is held all over the country to display them. With these efforts by UN, it is hoped that better treatment facilities and prevention of AIDS & HIV will be possible in the near future.