International Human Rights Day

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Upcoming International Human Rights Day is on 10 December 2024 (Tuesday)

Days Remaining in International Human Rights Day 2024

The International Human Rights Day is celebrated all over the world on the 10th of December every year. In 1948 on this very date, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and publically announced by the United Nations Generally Assembly. It is regarded as one of the most impactful achievements of United Nations to fight against violation of individual rights and dignity. The day was chosen to honour the global proclamation of Human Rights especially after the brutal loss of lives in the Second World War. All the member nations of the UN formally established the Human Rights Day to form the basis of a planet where justice, brotherhood, human and peace can prevail.

International Human Rights Day Date

In December 4 1950, the UN General Assembly at the 317th Plenary Meeting formally announced that every year International Human Rights Day will be celebrated. In addition, the five yearly Nobel Peace Prize and the United Nations Prize in the Area of Human Rights is also being awarded on this day. In 1993, the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights was set up to monitor the protection and awareness of Human Rights. The office completed 20 years in 2013 and the UN Secretary declared that the organization will intensify its efforts to fulfill the collective responsibility of promoting and safeguarding the rights and dignity of every human being across the globe.

What are Human Rights?

International Human Rights Day is observed to ensure every individual can live a life with liberty, respect and dignity. Human Rights are the rights that every individual can legally enjoy irrespective of his or her caste, religion, nationality, gender, color, origin, tribe, language etc. The government cannot discriminate any individual and the rights are interdependent, legal and indivisible. Freedom of speech, religion, fair trial, expression in media and freedom from any harsh treatment or punishment are some of the basic rights.

Celebration of Individual Rights

The International Human Rights Day is celebrated with a plethora of activities at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as well in various parts of the world.  High profile meetings and political conferences, cultural gatherings and events, exhibitions and workshops that focus on human issues are some of the major events that are organized on the Human Rights Day. The United Nations Prize distribution and Peace Prize ceremony ensures the day is honoured appropriately.

Many famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie have become the brand ambassador of United Nations and this has helped the agendas of the organization to reach out to the mass even more clearly. Celebrities lend their hands in support and take part in different UN activities on the International Human Rights Day. Various government as well as nongovernmental institutions organizes different events like Celebrity marathon, workshops, Fund Raiser events to create awareness about rights and dignity of individuals.  In 2008, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights completed its 60th anniversary and a One year campaign was announced by the General Secretary to commemorate the day. People all across the world were made aware of their human rights by different organizations that year as a part of the campaign.