World Environment Day

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Upcoming World Environment Day is on 05 June 2024 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in World Environment Day 2024

On 5th June every year, the World Environment Protection Day is celebrated all throughout the length and breadth of the planet. It is the major weapon of the United Nations to create awareness for the protection of the environment and save Mother Earth. The day is officially known as the UN World Environment day as well as Eco Day or World Environment Day. The United Nations Environment Program is the supreme head of this event. Every year, a different country hosts a special event to celebrate this day with a special theme. The 2014 WED was held at Barbados in Lesser Antilles with the theme of ‘Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea level’.

Why World Environment Day is celebrated?

In 1972, The United Nations General Assembly at the United Nations Conference on Environment decided to observe this day as a step towards protecting the Nature from various harmful effects. From 1973, the day was officially observed in every part of the world to raise awareness about the Global Warming and degradation of the environment. The adverse political, economic and social effects on the environment were first time discussed at the global level. It acted as a former stone to the Environmental Protection Campaigns that run all round the year now.

Role of Celebrity & Media

World Environment protection Day has got immense support from many celebrities and influential people. They actively take part in different workshops, campaigns and events that promote the conservation of energy and natural resources. The common mass has reacted in a positive way to the pledge of their icons, thus lending hands to support the cause. Various Social Networking sites and Blogs have been used to educate people about the urgent need to take a stand. The Electronic Media has also actively promoted Environmental Friendly shows and messages on the World Environment Day to spread the cause. In 2010, Zee News of India created a world record by planting 7,300,000 trees in one day to save nature.

Celebrations across the Globe

The United Nations holds special campaigns on the World Environment Protection Day to ensure that the general public knows the importance of saving Mother Earth. Many events, workshops and conferences are organized and broadcasted on radios, televisions etc. UN lays emphasis on spreading the message through social networking sites and blogs. The city which holds the WED celebrations on a particular year organizes special events based on the year’s theme. In 2015, the Eco Day will be hosted in India and the theme is ‘One World One Environment’. In Nepal Republic, all the TV and Radio shows are cancelled on this day and only environmental messages are broadcasted.

Take a Step Forward

Every voice counts and if every individual takes a step forward to save the environment, the planet will surely be saved from the vile degradation. You can check the UN website and take part in World Environment Day campaigns and workshops as your contribution to the cause. You can register your activities for environmental protection and get recognized by the UN. If each one of us takes small measures like opting for public transport more often, planting trees or switching off the AC or lights when not in use, it can make the planet a better place to live in.