Happy New Year

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Upcoming Happy New Year is on 01 January 2024 (Monday)

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January 1st is celebrated as New Year’s Day worldwide. It marks the beginning of New Year according to Gregorian calendar. Even though in India New Year is celebrated by different regions on different dates since they follow many local calendars. But since Gregorian calendar is the official calendar January 1st is also celebrated as New Year with great pomp and vigour.

Origin of New Year

Celebrating New Year dates back to 2000 BC when Mesopotamians are said to have celebrated new years at the time of the vernal equinox in mid-March. Romans celebrated their New Year on March 1st since their calendar had only ten months. It was second king of Rome, Numa Pontilius who, added the months of January and February and the new year was shifted to January. But this was not widely accepted by the roman people until 46 B.C when Julius Caesar declared that January 1st would mark the beginning of the New Year. The month of January is named after Roman god Janus who had two faced one facing the front into the future and other back looking into the past. Janus was considered the god of doorways and beginnings. Thus people started following the Julian calendar and January 1st as beginning of New Year.

However during medieval period because of the importance of pagan festival March 25th was announced as New Year. But in 1582 January 1st was restored as New Year’s day according to Gregorian calendar. This was done by Pope Gregory XIII who abolished the old Julian calendar and it was he who also introduced leap year after every four years. Thus January 1st was set as New Year’s Day which is followed by people in many countries in the world wide.

How New Year Day is Celebrated?

Celebration begins on the night of 31st December itself which is called the New Year eve. At the stroke of midnight the New Year is welcomed by bursting fire crackers and fireworks light up the night sky. All night parties are held to bid farewell to the bygone year and welcome the new year. People greet each other and wish luck and happiness in the new year and also exchange cards and gifts. New year resolutions are also a part and parcel of new year celebration. People make new resolutions like to abandon bad habits and to inculcate better ones. Many people attend places of worship to offer prayers and spend the day with family and friends on this day.