Rose Day

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Upcoming Rose Day is on 07 February 2025 (Friday)

Days Remaining in Rose Day 2025

Rose day marks the beginning of the Valentine Week and is celebrated everywhere across the globe on 7th February. The custom began in the Western countries and soon it spread to very part of the world. Roses have always been a symbol of love and passion. The day sets the perfect mood for the onset of the week-long festival of love. Lovers gift each other roses and profess their love for one another. Roses convey the message of ultimate passion and everlasting love. Not just on Rose Day, roses have always been synonymous with love since the ancient times.

A famous quote on rose by Arthur Miller goes like this:

“Can anyone remember love?

It is like trying to summon up the smell of roses in a cellar.

You might see a rose, but never the perfume.”

Roses have always inspired poets and lovers by being the messenger of love. Rose Day is the celebration of this beautiful flower that often acts as a conveyer of passionate romantic feelings even without using a single word. The day is celebrated by the young generation with great enthusiasm and passion. The florists flood their shops with a plethora of different types of roes. Red roses still remains to be the most favorite as it conveys the message of “I love you”. Lovers gift red roses to the person how has their heart in order to express their everlasting love. Rose is a sign of promise to always be passionately in love with one another.

Colours of Passion

Here is an insight about the different coloured roses.

  1. Red Rose- symbolizes everlasting love and passion.
  2. Pink Rose- Grace and cheerfulness indication.
  3. Yellow Rose- Symbolizes friendship, promise and happiness.
  4. Purple Rose- Indicates love at first sight.
  5. Dark Pink Rose- Symbolizes appreciation and respect for loved ones.
  6. White Rose- Indicates spiritual and pure love.
  7. Black Rose- Remorse and Death symbol.
  8. Lavender- Love at first sight symbol.
  9. Green Rose- symbolizes life, bliss and growth.
  10. Orange Rose- Symbolizes immense passion, desire and obsession.

Expression of Emotion

The number of roses gifted also has a special meaning and the interpretation of different numbers of roses is given below.

  • One- proposal for first sight love.
  • Two- true love between the partners.
  • Three- I love you a lot.
  • Six- I am always yours.
  • Seven- I have a crush on you.
  • Nine- Love you till the end.
  • 100- Be together forever.
  • 108- Marry me.
  • 999- Eternal love and commitment.

Celebrations in India and Across the World

Couples celebrate Rose Day by gifting each other different types of roses. Every colour of rose has a special meaning and the couples chose it very carefully. People propose to the person they love by gifting a rose as well. During the high school years, many young teens over the years have confessed their love by gifting a red rose. Not just real roses, the gift shops come up with breathtakingly beautiful artificial gifts with roses as the central theme for this special occasion. Lovers in India and across the globe go on special dates, long drives and dinner to celebrate the day. All the valentine week celebration events also start from this day as well.

Rose Day in Upcoming Year

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