World Marriage Day

Country: International

World Marriage day is observed on the second Sunday of February each year. It is funded by World Marriage Encounter, an American organization, in association with Catholic Marriage Encounter. The purpose of World Marriage Day is to honor husband & wife as the backbone of a family, the basic building block of society. It celebrates the grace of their loyalty, sacrifice and bliss in their marital life.

World Marriage Day and its History

In 1981, the Mayor, the Governor and the Bishop encouraged couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day as “We believe in Marriage Day”. The success of the event prompted the presentation of the idea to World Marriage Encounter which later adopted it.

Symbol and Themes

The symbol of World Marriage Day is two candle like figures of a man & woman joined by a heart. It signifies the power of married love to help in enlightening the world. The heart signifies love as the driving force that keeps the couple united & empowers them to be life giving & an inspiration for others to be productive & united. The theme for World Marriage Day is “Love One Another.’’. It is the permanent theme for this day since this phrase is in John 15:12 as a commandment by Jesus. It is a way of life as propagated by Our Father.

Prayers and Observance

There is a designated prayer for the observance of this auspicious day. The prayer begins by thanking Jesus for uniting the couple in the holy bond of marriage. It goes on to pray to Jesus to help them grow more intimate & become one in body, heart & mind. The Day is observed all over the world by holding special functions and gatherings in churches. There are various events for awarding couple who has enjoyed the longest married life in the area by different local organizations. Moreover, events like couple swimming activities, picnic parties, interviews of World Marriage Encounters are also organized to highlight the significance of this day.