Indira Gandhi Jayanti

Country: India
Upcoming Indira Gandhi Jayanti is on 19 November 2023 (Sunday)

Days Remaining in Indira Gandhi Jayanti 2023

Indira Gandhi was the 3rd prime minister of India and also the first women to achieve this post.

History related to the Indira Gandhi

Indira Nehru (Originally her surname was Nehru) was born India city Allahabad on 19 November 1917. She spent most of his childhood days their only. But her childhood days were not that pleasing as they should be. ‘Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’ her father, was always out of the town because of his busy life with the political responsibility on shoulders, he was not able to give much time to Indira. On the other hand, the mother Indira, Kamala Nehru used to remain sick and that is why no one close to her was there to look after her. To pursue her higher education she went to the Kolkata, but since her mother health started deteriorate, she was sent with her mother to Europe.

After prolonged illness, her mother died in Europe. Since she was there for long time, she met his old friend Feroz there. In the future, Feroz married Indira. In the England, she took admission to the Oxford University and started to learn History and other related subjects. She was quite at that. But when World War II took place, she came back to India.

As she came to India, she started helping his father in the political movement and after Independence also she worked with his father. She was like an assistant to his father and learned lot about the politics. After Nehru died in the year 1964, she was actively participating in the political movement. And in the 1966 she contested the elections and was chosen as the prime minter of India.

But in those times, the political stability of the congress party was not that good and Morarji Desai chooses to get separate from them. In the year 1971, a huge responsibility came over the Indira Gandhi. In order to help the East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) from the attack from the West Pakistan, she intervened in between and also provided assistant to the East Pakistan. Due to this, war between Pakistan and India took place.

In his tenure, she was surrounded by various serious issues like East Pakistan and the LTTE problems. But these problems did not deter her to develop India. She nationalized the banks. Also took help from USSR to develop necessary infrastructure for various things. She also made good relations with the Israel and this led to a strong relationship of Israel with India.

In the year 1984, she was assassinated by her own bodyguards and there was a state of emergency In India.

What People do on Indira Gandhi Jayanti

The celebrations of this day are mostly and primary limited to the political houses. Since Indira Gandhi was part of the Congress party, celebrations are huge under this party.

On the other hand, in other political houses too, lots of works are carried out to celebrate this day. As she gave birth to several social reforms, so on this day she is remembered for that.