.Com vs .Net - Difference Between .Com and .Net Domain Name

What domain is preferable for your business .com or .net?

In the 21st century every business is done online and people have the tendency to buy from the website whose name is easy to remember. To have an online presence is a must for a number of businesses nowadays. However, it is much important that the name of the website is easy to remember so that the user of the product or services can easily access the site. A website name is more affected by the use of domains. There are two most common types of domain most business people prefer, namely, .net and.com. However, there are many other domains also but these are most preferred by a number of people across the globe. Hence, the difference between both of these domains, creates a confusion for a person who want to have a website that he should go with which domain. Before choosing a particular domain, one must understand the consequences of the same in short as well as long run as one cannot frequently change the domain.

What is .Com Domain?

The .com domain is the acronym of .Commerce. This domain is used by the online e-commerce websites. Those who want to sell their goods online can buy the .com domain. The .com domain is the most common domain used in e-commerce. This domain is costly and not much easier to buy. 

What is .Net Domain?

The .net domain is the acronym of .Network. This domain was formerly used by website used by computer network operating businesses. These days .net is available for other people too at reasonable rates. It is very common domain and as it is short, it is easy to remember the website name. There are several domains providing companies which provide .net domain on monthly, half-yearly, yearly basis.

Which domain extension is more Popular?

If we talk about popularity, .com extension domain names always have an advantage as users generally think that we have to add .com at the end of each domain to open the website. Also, if a user is experience, they type domain name and then press CTRL+Enter to directly open the website in .com.

For example, go to address bar in your browser and type BOLZARA and then press CTRL and then enter key simultaneously and you will see that the browser have added .com after bolzara to open the website bolzara.com

Where to Buy these Domain Names?

There are many popular domain name registrar where you can buy your favorite domain name. Following are the list of popular domain name providers where you can get .com or .net or 100 other domain name extensions.

Namecheap.Com, Godaddy.Com, Domain.com, NetworkSolutions.Com

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