Republic Day

Country: India
Upcoming Republic Day is on 26 January 2022 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Republic Day 2022

India a country who is known to have a rich history because if its people. It is the largest democracy in the world and its constitution came into force in the year 1950 on 26th of January. On this day every year the country celebrates this historic day showing the world their power. In the year 1930 on this day the revolutionaries of India announced the PurnaSwaraj movement. Thus to respect that decision made on that day the Indian government decided to enforce the first constitution on this day.


India after attaining the Independence in 15th August 1947 filed their constitution on 4th November 1947. Later the government met in sessions spread over 166 days. This lasted for more than 2 years and hence 26th January 1950 was selected as the day for the enforcement of the constitution of India.

On this day every year the nation celebrates the day with great enthusiasm. The ay starts with paying tributes to the soldiers who died while fighting for the country. The president of India visits the Amar JawanJyoti, at India Gate New Delhi and pays respect to the soldiers. Later after paying respects to the soldiers the president of India takes the stage in the parade road situated between India gate and President House of India.

Here the Indian Army, Navy and Air force officers march down the road. The Metal band performs the famous tunes and walks across the road. Later the Indian Army jawans performs dangerous stunts on bike. Later the Army shows their missiles and tanks to the people of the world.

This is a day when the Indian forces show their strength to the people of India. The world gets to know the latest inclusion of the latest tanks, Missiles and fighter planes. The Air Force also displays an air show on this for the people sitting in the stands. Later children from different school dressed in authentic clothes perform dances on the tunes of old songs. It is a spectacular worth watching.

On this day the brave retired army officers march their way on the parade road. It is a proud moment for any soldier for representing their country in front of the world. Every state of India on this prepares a procession decorated with flowers. On this day they show the culture of their state to the people of India. This is a parade where one can easily get to know about the culture of India which is made by the people of India.

One of the main feature of this day is the brave soldiers of India are awarded special medals for their bravery. 26th January is not only celebrated in New Delhi but it is also celebrated in every state of the country. The Governor of the state is the chief guest for the parade and goes through the ceremony. This day is one of the three national holidays of the country.